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100 Mahaseth Bangkok – offally good!

Ya ok, when the safest choice on the menu is the bone marrow, you know you’re in for an offally good adventure. Pun intended.

100 Mahaseth showcases the hearty nature of Isaan cuisine (the North and Northeastern parts of Thailand) with a focus on offal and off-cuts.

That said, not to worry, you’re not going to have a huge slab of liver in front of you. The dishes are executed with a style and balance that belies the fundamental nature of the produce.

So much so that even a scaredy cat like myself survived my dinner without any undue stress.

100 Mahaseth interior

100% Spice at 100 Mahaseth!

We were dining as part of the BK Restaurant Week 2019, with the menu featuring several of 100 Mahaseth’s top dishes. No tom yum soup or phad thai here.

Be warned though. Aside from the unique meat options, the food is spicy. Ok for me, but for those with not so hardy stomachs, you might want to have reinforcements by way of some milk, maybe?

100 Mahaseth Fried Tripe and Intestine

As if to prep your tastebuds for the assault, the starter showcases a chilli relish with either fried beef tripe or fried pork intestine “chips”.

Ironically the tripe and intestines were the least scary dishes to arrive. Not the usual soft texture, the version at 100 Mahaseth is hung out to dry, then fried. They are perfect crunchy snacks, no worse than crispy pig’s ears or crackling.

100 Mahaseth Cassia curry cracker

Next dish was a grilled fermented rice dough cracker with cassia curry. It’s a bite-sized item, one mouthful of aromatic spice.

The Mahaseth Marrow

And then, the dish that made me decide to dine at 100 Mahaseth – the Bone Marrow. After seeing pictures of it on Instagram, I was sold.

Mahaseth Marrow
100 Mahaseth Bone Marrow

What arrived was half the size of what I had seen, but perhaps this wasn’t a full-sized version since it was part of a set deal.

Still, the half that I had was marvellous. Bone marrow roasted by being buried in charcoal topped with toasted perilla seeds with lemongrass. The addition of perilla seeds is genius – little pops of flavour and texture to the silky marrow. The chef had also included a tartare of beef and curry leaves so no lack of oomph for this dish.

 Pork Shoulder

My husband had the pork shoulder which is dry rubbed, smoked with longan wood and served with spicy pineapple salsa. Sliced to just the right thickness, this was a very enjoyable dish.

Bile and Hearts??

100 Mahaseth Cabbage Soup

Aha, then came the dish I was nervous about. It was a grilled cabbage in a soup of dill, bile and grounded rice, with grilled duck hearts. I didn’t have to fear that much in the end because the herbaceous dill overpowered any untoward smell that my mind perceived the bile might have had. The grilled duck hearts were fine but one too many pieces of offal for me.

Hot Dog, with an emphasis on the HOT!

Isarn sausage hotdog

As an additional dish because I had paid for the meal with a Citibank card, we received the Isarn sausage hot dog. Wow! This was HOT! Smoky, spicy, tastiest dog I have ever eaten… beyond amazing.

That dish did us in, we were quite full already, but mains were to come.

100 Mahaseth Beef Curry
Beef and Pork curry 2

For the actual main course, we chose between the beef and the pork set. Both currys are cooked with watermeal (the algae that skims the surfaces of still water ponds – the taste sometimes likened to watercress), and best enjoyed with the sticky or steamed rice that comes with it. There’s also additional meat in the dish by way of a fermented beef short rib or fermented pork rib, depending on which set you choose.

Stalk-to-fruit dessert

100 Mahaseth dessert

After all that nose-to-tail, naturally dessert had to be stalk-to-fruit. This was a banana song. Coconut milk braised banana stalks and a coconut and roasted rice ice cream – very delicious, almost has caramel notes to it.  The only part I was not too keen on was the grilled banana rounds – didn’t like the “raw” texture and taste of it.

Isaan rum cocktails

For drinks, 100 Mahaseth does a series of Isaan rum-based cocktails. I had this one with passionfruit, and the sweetness of it was a perfect foil to all the spice.

In short, 100 Mahaseth is worth a check out for its interesting take on offal – there are safe options but even the scary ones are so well-balanced that even a wuss like myself could enjoy the cuisine.

100 Mahaseth:

Address: 100 Maha Set Rd, Khwaeng Si Phraya, Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10500, Thailand

Contact: +66 2 235 0023

Website: https://www.100mahaseth.com

Opening Hours: Daily 11:30am–12am

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