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8 reasons why Iceland should win Euro 2016

Iceland is one quirky place. Whether it’s bearded descendants of the Vikings trawling the pubs of Reykjavik, or bearded trolls menacingly guarding the lava plains of the South Coast, this is one kooky Island.

Anyone who has been to Iceland will understand what it feels like to be bitten by the Icelandic Brrrbug. Suddenly, you want this huge nation with a tiny population of 330,000 people to succeed and what better stage than the Euro 2016?

And so, here are my Top 8 Reasons Why Iceland Should win Euro 2016. Seriously.

1.They are an all-inclusive society. Even in the far reaches of the North, they give props to Singapore.

Menu at Kol, Reykjavik Iceland
Oh yeah, the Singapore Sling features on the drinks list at KOL, one of Reykjavik’s hippest joints.

2. They might be “small” just like the Icelandic horse, but they have a whole lot of heart and grit in them.

Icelandic Horses
Icelandic horses are known for their resilience and strength, just like the hardworking Icelandic team!

3. Their defence is as solid as a 1000-year-old iceberg.

Jokulsarlon Lagoon, Iceland
This mammoth floating iceberg at Jokulsarlon Lagoon withstands so much pressure to come out tops!

4. They practise scoring through this goal post.

Lava arch at Dyrholaey, South Iceland
It’s a heart-stopping, uphill ride to reach the lava arch at Dyrholaey, South Iceland, just as i’m sure it’s a heart-stopping, uphill climb for the Icelandic team!

5. Their energy flows as boundlessly as the most popular waterfall in Iceland.

Gullfoss, Iceland
Part of Iceland’s holy trinity of the Golden Circle, you can almost always spot the lucky rainbow over Gullfoss! Let’s hope that luck extends to the football team!

6. They remain cool as ice under pressure.

Jokulsarlon Beach
Despite the constant assault from the elements, these massive icebergs stay sure-footed on this icy, black sand beach. As will the Icelandic team!

7. They are explosive on a fast break.

Strokkur geyser, Iceland
Steaming hot geothermal water, bursting into the skies, beware the foolhardy who are unprepared. England, you have been warned!

8. They draw their energy from mysterious greenish ghoulish lights in the skies.

Northern Lights, Iceland
Just like the aurora borealis transfixes anyone in its presence, the Icelandic team will charm their opponents into losing all their senses!

Yes, it is far-fetched. Yes, this is possibly just a way for me to rehash memories of an amazing holiday. But still, don’t you agree that Iceland should win the Euro 2016? Go, you underdog Icelandic Vikings, go!

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