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A quick low-down on the name. It’s inspired by the movie, The Devil Wears Prada, but has absolutely nothing to do with it (I don’t wear Prada and I don’t think I’m that much of a devil).

It just hit me one day, as I was eating the much-loved Singaporean dish of prata whilst relishing the memory of the brilliant meal I had just had in Copenhagen – I do like my diva-worthy dining experiences but I also love my homey, local, hole in-the-wall eats and so, The Diva Eats Prata was born.

My Obsession…

In addition to my day job running a Marketing and Content Creation business, The Buzz Network, I am a writer and a food critic, having been on the panel of two of the top restaurant guides in Singapore, starting with Tatler’s Best Restaurant Guide in 2010, followed by Wine & Dine’s Top Restaurant Guide for several years thereafter. I don’t just eat, I also love experimenting with recipes at home.

“Most days, it seems like food is the centre of my life!”

My Second Obsession…

I am always hungry to find new places to visit and research pre-trip like a maniac so that I will have the most awesome experiences while I am away. And even on my travels, food remains #1 on the agenda!

And so, the Diva-worthy low-down…

Here, I aim to bring you my recommendations on fabulous experiences, places to travel and places to eat.

Now of course I don’t have any such pretensions that I am the most know-it-all of all things fab, so this isn’t a full-on, non-stop review and recommendations blog either. It’s about experiences that I like that I think you will like too.

It’s also telling it like it is for those less-than-stellar experiences.

On that note, all reviews are a result of my passion for fine dining. Where others spend big bucks on physical items, I spend all my moolah on eating out, so yes, most of the reviews are paid for by yours truly. On the rare occasion that I accept a tasting visit, I would only do so if it’s a restaurant I have already dined at and loved, and so, the re-visit is a good opportunity to be kept updated on new dishes. And I will indicate it in the post.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts, and always happy to hear from you – you can reach me on yazz@thedivaeatsprata.com.

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