Binomio "Coca" bread served with Escalivada and Baby Eel

Binomio – the best Spanish food in Singapore!

Spanish chefs say Binomio is the best Spanish in Singapore. Try saying that 20 times!

Well, all I have to say is that ever since I first stepped into Binomio in 2013, I have been in love with the food here.

Whether I was fine dining in the restaurant or tossing tapas into my mouth at the bar, I have never had a disappointing experience here.

I rarely have “locals” that I go to, seeing as how Singapore sprouts new restaurants at the drop of a hat, but Binomio is my go-to for quality tapas.

(The other just happens to be Binomio’s sister outlet El Tardeo – which serves up even more reasonably-priced fare).

And ever since Binomio introduced their Tapas Tasting Menu where you can get 6 proper-portioned tapas for $69, or 8 tapas for $86, it has become even more worth the visit than ever.

Between 2 people, you can share this and walk away satisfied. The house wine is fantastic and also, well worth it.

And these pictures will show you exactly why Binomio is da bomb!

Binomio Salmon Tartare with Ajo Blanco sauce
Salmon Tartare with Ajo Blanco sauce – fresh, chunky salmon with a lovely almond garlic cream and avocado
Binomio Char Grilled Chorizo with Manchego Cheese
Char Grilled Chorizo with Manchego Cheese – you can really smell and taste the smoky char
Binomio Cod Fish Stuffed Piquillo Peppers
Cod Fish Stuffed Piquillo Peppers

Binomio Peppers and Chorizo


Binomio "Coca" bread served with Escalivada and Baby Eel
“Coca” bread served with Escalivada and Baby Eel – one of the classics at Binomio, the sweet red peppers and the garlic and eel combo works well
Binomio Char Grilled Iberican Pork Ribs
Char Grilled Iberican Pork Ribs – smoky and succulent

Binomio Pork Ribs and Eel

Binomio Churros
Churros – perfectly done and I could drink that chocolate sauce like a hot chocolate

Binomio Churros 2

While the tapas bar is perfect for a casual night out, the ambience changes quite dramatically inside the restaurant proper. It’s sophisticated and sleek and perfect for a date or sedate celebrations (erm, about as sedate as a Spanish fiesta can be!).

This is where my favourite paella in the whole of Singapore can be found! Glossy, silky, seafoody Squid Ink Paella – chockfull of seafood with the saccarat (crusty base formed at the bottom of the pan) adding bite to the dish.

It’s meant for two very hungry people, so if you’re on a date, order less of the appetizers. And the first time we ordered it, they showed us the pan before whisking it away to portion it out for us, but the second time, we made sure to get them to leave the pan so we could scrape the best bits!

But the best plan, I think, is to go as a party of 4, so that you can try the more unique tapas (think Veal Cheek Meatballs and Grilled Bone Marrow and Aged Steak Beef Tartare) at the restaurant and share the cost of the $69 paella which, admittedly, I thought was pricey way back when in 2013, but I guess these days, this is the range you can expect for quality stuff. And I assure you, it’s delicious!

So the next time you’re craving Spanish, don’t even consider anywhere else, go to Binomio!


Address: 20 Craig Road 089692, Singapore
Contact: +65 65570547 or text msg to +65 97586471

Opening Hours:

Lunch from 12pm, Mondays to Fridays. Last seating is 1.45pm
Dinner from 6pm, Mondays to Saturday. Last seating is 10.30pm
Closed Sunday


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