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{CLOSED} Bird Bird has flown the coop to Frankel!

{CLOSED} Bird Bird has flown the CBD coop and is chilling out now at my East Coast hood. Specifically, along Frankel Avenue.

Just opened last week, this fried chicken stalwart, is in its infancy at Frankel and is intentionally laying low while they sort out final bits and pieces.

Bird Bird Exterior

That hasn’t stopped the ravenous eaters from coming though. I do a drive by everyday along Frankel so I couldn’t help but notice the big Bird Bird sign and that’s how I knew of its opening.

But I was surprised to see my friend, who works in the CBD, and her colleagues stroll in last night for dinner. They had come all the way to the east side because they were fans from when Bird Bird used to be nearer to them at Ann Siang.

And I overhead (despite how loud the restaurant gets when crowded) some others mentioning to the wait staff that they had “followed” Bird Bird to this sleepy hood.

Talk about loyalty.

And yes, it was already crowded within just a week of its soft opening at this ulu place!

So, fried chicken is still roosting over the menu with great pride here, and my hubby sure was glad to see one of his favourite dishes, chicken and waffles, on the list.

Bird Bird Menu

You have a choice of the classic American from the deep-south Old Bay spice marinade or a fiery, spicy version for the Buttermilk Fried Chicken ($24).

Considering that my hubby was just recovering from a bout of stomach flu, we stuck to the classic version.

Bird Bird Fried Chicken

Now, he who has eaten his fair share of chicken and waffles during his study days in the USA, gave the greatest compliment I could imagine when he said, “It’s even better than the ones in the US”.

He went on to explain that he had many greasy, limp versions and the one at Bird Bird had such crisp skin to it, without any of the grease.

The smoky maple syrup and crisp cornbread waffle go really well and the mash potato is amped up with country sausage sauce.

Portion is big enough that I was glad I just ordered a simple Umami Quinoa ($13) salad so that I could nick a chick from my hubby.

Bird Bird Quinoa 2

The salad is perfect if you’re going light for the night and especially if you’re intentionally saving room for an absolute must-try – the Durian Softie Pie. But more on that later.

Bird Bird’s quinoa salad is topped with massive amounts of rocket (almost too much rocket, really!), and lots of flavour thanks to the tangy dressing and the garlic chips, charred corn, roasted veggies and pumpkin seeds for extra crunch.

But of course, all that healthy goodness was in preparation for my main meal of the night – that Durian Softie Pie ($16).

Oh boy, was it worth it! It’s huge as well so share if you can!

Bird Bird Durian Softie

Amazingly the Toasted Milk soft serve ice cream held its own against the typically pungent durian pudding.

Meaning, even after you tasted the durian, you could eat the toasted milk ice cream and still taste the delicious caramel-iness of the ice cream.

Lots of nuts and an almond pie crust added crunch and a drizzle of gula melaka caramel added more sweetness to this amazing dessert.

I didn’t miss my chocolate at all! That’s how much I love this dessert.

I hope it continues to stay on the menu. We were told that since they were still fixing the menu, getting feedback from customers and so on, there might be some menu changes. Look out for more on their Facebook page.

And here’s a view of Bird Bird’s Desserts and Lunch Menus.

Bird Bird Desserts Menu

Bird Bird Lunch Menu

Also, because they are still fixing stuff up, their phones lines were not up yet as of yesterday (2 Nov), so only cash payments for now.

Bird Bird – I’m happy you have decided to fly over and nest in my hood. See you soon!

Bird Bird:

Address: 97 Frankel Avenue



Opening Hours:

Wednesdays – Sundays
Lunch: 11.30am – 3.30pm | Last orders at 3.00pm
Dinner: 6.00pm – 10.00pm | Last orders at 9.30pm


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