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Camille: Lose Yourself in the Charm of 1-Flowerhill.

Camille at 1-Flowerhill, grandly residing atop a hill, will make you feel like you’ve been transported to a restaurant deep within an enchanted forest.

But, no, it is in Sentosa, where the prospect of being engulfed by happy day-trippers and tourists abound. However, located within the Imbiah enclave, the expansive grounds of 1-Flowerhill that also comprise Wildseed café and Wildseed Bar & Grill, will envelope you in a blanket of verdant calm, punctured only by the sounds of nature.

Camille 1-Flowerhill Facade
Camille 1-Flowerhill Facade Night

It’s a great choice for a date night, but large groups are more than welcome, too. Especially at Wildseed Bar & Grill which has a stunningly gorgeous floral chandelier masterpiece drawing your attention to the middle of the casual space. There’s live music performances, too; a duo were in the middle of belting out pop hits when we were there.

Wildseed Bar 1-FlowerHill
I thought my outfit was rather apt, what with the wind blowing, too!
Camille Facade and me
The colours of the skirt by Reckless Ericka match the facade quite well.

Well, seeing as we regularly visit Wildseed Bar at Seletar, and considering that Camille is new, we chose to dine in her arms this time.

The 1-Group folk have taken pains to keep the floral theme well and alive in the décor, right down to the custom-made kinetic ceiling lights that gracefully bud and bloom as you walk your way up the staircase.

Camille’s French-Japanese marriage.

The menu at Camille promises “the art of French cuisine meeting the nuances of Japanese ingredients”. Indeed, you will see the interplay reflected throughout the menu.

The drinks list, refreshingly uncomplicated, features eight delectable-sounding cocktails; four Japanese-inspired and four French-inspired. Prices are reasonable at $20 per cocktail.  

I chose the Winter Japanese cocktail while my husband sipped Summer throughout dinner.

We were served complimentary Kombu bread with two flavoured butters, additional rolls would be charged at $7 each. The roll could have easily been polished off by one person, so we thought it was strange that we were expected to share.

Bread Roll

But it led hubby to wonder what would happen if there were only one diner? Would they split the roll or does the diner still get the entire roll? We were told the latter. Well, lucky solo guest, then!

The good thing is, the waiter was keen on hearing our feedback so we remarked that it would be nice if they could offer a roll to each guest in future. Considering what we are paying, I don’t think this is an unreasonable ask.

Pretty Plates of Pleasure.

We had a great preview of things to come when our starters arrived. The Textures of Artichoke ($28) kept to its promise; every mouthful tickling your tongue. The chawanmushi-based dish is peppered with Artichoke Petal tempura, Artichoke Confit, Bacon, Burnt Leek Dashi; Tonburi (vegan caviar) gave a satisfying pop.

Camille 1-Flowerhill Starter Artichokes
Camille 1-Flowerhill Starter Tomatoes

At Camille, which is named after the wife of Claude Monet, I suppose one would expect nothing less than artfully-plated dishes, no?

Indeed, our second starter arrived, looking oh-so-pretty.

Frankly, I was drawn to the Shiso Sorbet in the dish of Heirloom Tomatoes ($26). I am not a huge fan of tomatoes, heirloom or otherwise, but of course, with cold scoops of one of my favourite herbs and the Hojicha Tomato Consomme plus the little balls of Goat’s Cheese Croquette, it was rather enjoyable.

Next, the mains. Hubby immediately wanted a revisit to the days of eating proper Magret du Canard ($46) in France so that was an easy choice for him. Sure enough, Camille stuck to the authentic preparation of the duck breast, a deep pink to the point of being under, exactly how it should be.

It came with a Beetroot and Umeboshi coulis and Ume Shiso Jus, adding a piquancy to the dish.

Camille 1-Flowerhill Magret Du Canard
Camille 1-Flowerhill Lamb Rack

As for me, I chose the Rack of Lamb ($56). I wasn’t asked the doneness, but I requested for Medium. It came medium-rare, a situation that was quickly rectified.

The lamb was inherently tasty, and even a fat-averse diner like me found myself nibbling on some of the rendered, gelatinous goodness. I like mashed anything so enjoyed the Nasu Dengaku (miso eggplant), too.

Pistou in Provence is a common condiment to flavour meats and stews; at Camille, they added the Japanese element using Shungiku (chrysanthemum leaves) instead! Very nice.

Camille, let’s rendez-vous sometime soon!

Finally, dessert. I deferred to hubby’s selection this time because, well, the only chocolate-based sweet was a Deconstructed Black Forest but I am not a fan of black forest cake, so the Japanese Vanilla Souffle Pancake ($17) it was.


Good enough as a light ending, though I might attempt the theatrics of the Blackforest cake (a signature dish at Camille that requires two staff to serve, we were told) the next time!

Seeing as how Camille is fairly new, just about a month old, there were teething problems. We waited quite a long time for our cocktails to arrive, similarly, the starters but once that was completed, the rest of the night was a breeze, everything was lovely and the service staff had time for an enthusiastic chat with us.

Definitely worth a visit, I look forward to my next meeting with Camille!

Camille at 1-Flowerhill

Address: 1-Flowerhill, 6 Imbiah Rd, 099696

Contact: +65 9630 1008 or


Opening Hours:

Tues – Sun: 6:00 PM – 10:30 PM (Monday: Closed)

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