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{CLOSED} Value for money Japanese set lunch at Cho Omakase, Boat Quay

Walking past the many ramen/bento restaurants along the Circular Road stretch around Boat Quay reminds me of the quickie lunches salarymen in Tokyo would have – slurping noodles whilst standing up or being in and out of an eatery within minutes.

Cho Omakase at Lorong Telok, however, serves up a quick and satisfying Set Lunch for $18.80 at a pace that won’t make you feel hurried, and you can be back at your desk within the hour.

Cho Omakase Set Lunch Menu
Set Lunch Menu

Lunch comprises a main (selected from six options), accompanied by salad, appetizer, miso soup, rice and dessert.

I love Japanese salads, especially those with wafu dressing, and if they have crispy bits on top, like floss of some kind, even better!

Cho Omakase Salad

Next up – appetizers. I had a mini fish stew, a tuna and yellowtail combo, in a delicious dashi broth.

Cho Omakase Appetizer

For the main, I had the sweet, grilled unagi – both times I had this, it was a long and thin slice. I prefer a thicker, meatier cut but this elegant version was just as tasty.

My partner had the Teriyaki Chicken – the generous portion sees succulent chicken pieces, with the perfect amount of teriyaki sauce to enjoy the rice with.

Cho Omakase Chicken
Teriyaki Chicken

By the time you drink up the miso soup, you will be nicely full and luckily, dessert is a simple affair. We had ice cream that day, I tried the creamy black sesame, and they have other flavours for you to choose from – like green tea, white peach etc.

If you have a little more time (and budget), you could try the $50 omakase lunch – the diners next to me were having it and I spotted some lovely sushi, amongst other dishes, being sent their way.

All in all, Cho Omakase is a great place for a quick, yet relaxed, lunch with colleagues.

Cho Omakase:

Address: 14 Lorong Telok, Singapore 049027

Contact: +65 6532 2098 or


Opening Hours:

12pm-3pm, 6pm-10pm, Closed Sun


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