Fat Chap Meat and Seafood Platter

{CLOSED} Fat Chap at Suntec City – Family Gathering, anyone?

Fat Chap restaurant at Suntec bills itself as a place you go to “to get really full”. Well, I must say I did walk out quite stuffed indeed.

It’s casual, bright and perfect for large groups and family gatherings.

Fat Chap Entrance

Fat Chap Bar

I’d probably generalize it as “Asian bistro cuisine” – you will see a wide range from Asam Pedas to Balinese Pork Ribs and even a Maggi Mee Goreng type of dish.

Here’s a peek at the dishes that we tried:

Fat Chap Pig's Ears
Crispy Pig’s Ear ($12) – the perfect snack to munch on with a beer or cocktail. Really addictive!
Fat Chap Chicken Skin
Crispy Chicken Skin ($8) – another option if the idea of munching on pig’s ears doesn’t appeal. That said, the flavour for this deep-fried dish was less compelling that the one from the previous dish.
Fat Chap Chicken Salad
Pulled Chicken Salad ($14) – the Szechuan dressing has a light kick to it, not too spicy and the sous vide strips of chicken was very tender.
Fat Chap Eggplant
Eggplant ($8) – absolute must-try! What sounds like a really boring, humble dish on the menu turned out to be one of my favourites, thanks to the generous okra, shrimp, scallion, garlic and chilli “sambal”.
Fat Chap Mee Goreng
Bakmie Goreng ($15) – I know my blog’s name says I eat prata, but frankly, when I am at a prata place, it’s always the mee goreng that tickles my taste buds. So, you can guess it – I really enjoyed this mee goreng, it’s full-on with an egg, prawn, squid, chicken wing and prawn crackers.
Fat Chap Asam Pedas
Asam Pedas ($19) – farmed golden snapper in a sweet and spicy sauce. Best eaten with steamed rice, of course.
Fat Chap Oxtail Soup
Oxtail Soup ($19) – braised for 5 hours, the meat is tender and the stew is chockful of carrots and potatoes. They serve it with kicap manis and homemade green chilli sauce.
Fat Chap Meat and Seafood Platter
Land and Sea Party ($168) – this is the dish to order if you’re in a big group and just want to have it all. The menu says it’s for 4-5 pax but if you order a couple of starters, it’s enough to feed 8 (unless you’re a group of very big eaters!)

The Land part of the dish sees the Balinese Pork Ribs, the Lamb Ribs, Chicken and Beef Ribeye while the Sea portion features Squid and Grilled Fish.

I didn’t manage to take a picture of the grilled fish but it’s well-cooked and tasty, just like everything else on the platter. They also serve you lots of condiments and the sambal is especially spicy and yummy.

Unfortunately, I had to skip dessert – but from the sounds of it, they seem worth trying for the next time. The Klapertart ($12) which is a coconut custard with almond flakes and rum-soaked raisins, served with homemade rum-and-raisin ice cream, topped with a cheddar cheese crust? Sounds delish!

Fat Chap:

Address: Suntec City Mall East Wing 01-643, 3 Temasek Boulevard

Contact: 6836-5994

Opening Hours:

11am to 11pm (Mondays to Thursdays and Saturdays)

11 to 1am (Fridays and eve of public holidays)

11am to 5pm (Sundays)





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