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Firangi Superstar: An Enchanting Evening of Fantasy.

I have been wanting to get my ass to Firangi Superstar for a while now. Not only because of the usage of the word, Superstar, which if you know, you know is the suffix to one of India’s biggest movie stars, Rajinikanth.

But also, as a fan of Wes Anderson’s quirky, fantastical movie sets, I was enchanted by Firangi Superstar’s over-the-top ode to colonial Indian era, with every corner painting a different story.

In fact, in an interview with Tatler Asia, the owners had said that they “viewed the restaurant as a collection of film sets.”

Prowling tiara-topped tigers, preening majestic elephants, a room that looks like you’re in the dining car of the Orient Express?

I wish I could have had the whole place to myself and had a dish in each of the different rooms!

Firangi Superstar decor

No complaints though, I was seated in a tiger den nook of the Jungle Lodge. So many details to take in, but our hungry tummies didn’t allow for a careful study of anything other than the menu.

A Superstar worthy start at Firangi?

Firangi Superstar serves up Indian food with adorably creative monikers and a little twist, here and there.

Pappadum and Chutney

Pappadum with Smoky Tomato Chutney and Pomegranate Raita ($10). Just something to start with, wish they could have given more pappadum though.

Firangi Superstar Corn

Bombay Elote ($14) – baby corn, finger lime, corn puree. Enjoyed by all, even the non corn-loving diners.

Firangi Superstar Cauliflower

This Is Not Aloo Gobi ($16). Cauliflower couscous, masala, crispy potato. Tasty enough, and lighter than than its nemesis, Aloo Gobi.


She’s So Pyaza ($16). Crispy Okra and Caramelised onion. Yeah, I don’t get the reference, if anyone knows, do tell me. But I do love my Okra and caramelised onion so couldn’t go wrong here.

Firangi Superstar Fish

Get on that Firangi Superstar saddle, baby.

Malabar Coast 2.0 ($15 / 100g). A snapper with tamarind fish curry, with some vadai fritters floating around. Look, there are as many versions of fish curry as there are fish in the sea, so we need a little perspective when judging this. This was a light and balanced version, I would say. Doesn’t hold a candle to my mom’s, but hey, we can’t all dine at my mom’s, can we?

The fish was meaty enough and well-cooked, and I do love the presentation.

Firangi Superstar Lamb 2
Firangi Superstar Lamb

Next up, the crowd favourite, the Lamb Saddle ($20 / 100g). Gorgeously tandoor-ed lamb porterhouse, it was succulent and lip-smacking with a drizzle of jus.

Jus in an Indian restaurant? Do you mean curry? No, I mean jus.


Of course we had orders of naan ($12) and rice ($5) to mop up all the sauces.

And would you like a sweet ending with that?

One would think we wouldn’t have had room left for dessert but we managed to order up all of Firangi Superstar’s three desserts.

Chocolate Gulab Jamun

Chocolate Jamun ($15). We had two portions of this to share among the 4 of us. Yes, I think chocoholics would like this, mix it all up and be happy. But it is nothing like a gulab jamun so just be mentally prepared, no sweet syrup over a fluffy ball.

Firangi Superstart dessert

Dosa Pancakes ($12). This is good for those who like the tangy flavour of berry compote.

Firangi Superstar Mango Kesari 2
Firangi Superstar Mango Kesari

But my favourite has to be the Mango Kesari ($12).  I like the feel of the semolina pearls and Firangi Superstar’s take with Alphonso-Tea Gel and Mango-Saffron Mousse was yummy.

As for drinks, I skipped wine entirely because, well, you can’t go to Firangi Superstar and not try the charmingly-named cocktails.

The relatively new restaurant is hot, so fix your dining plans early. Overall, I enjoyed my dinner and would love to return, and be seated elsewhere to absorb more vibes!

Firangi Superstar

Address: 20 Craig Rd, #01-03 Singapore 089692

Contact: +65 63043022,

Lunch: Monday to Friday 12PM – 230PM

Dinner: Monday to Saturday 530PM – 1030PM

Closed on Sunday

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