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{CLOSED} Firebake at Katong – It’s on fire, baby!

Sourdough. The stuff bread dreams are made of. And now, you can just stroll into newly-opened Firebake and get your fill of it.

My night started with me challenging Firebake’s Chef Konstantino on the origins of sourdough – ignorant me had thought that it was from San Francisco, but perhaps that’s because the Americans, who are so good at brand building, had shaped my perception that the best version is from San Francisco.

Of course, I had to Google it post-dinner. And to sum it up – it’s as ancient as them pyramids in Egypt.

Before the rise of the commercial yeast, the folks of yore discovered that leaving some flour and water for a few days caused the “dough” to rise, thanks to the wild yeast spores in the air.

Some even attempted to forge a connection between beer brewing and bread making. Then it made its way across to Greece, Italy, France, Germany… and eventually, to the USA.

Firebake bread

Firebake interior

So, while the chef explained the differences in density between the French style and the German style – at Firebake, it follows the denser Germanic way – I sampled the 4 types that are available: White, Wholemeal, Rye and Fruit.

If you really want to feel the sourdough, go for the rye, I say. Though the fruit is lovely too, who can say no to apricots and raisins in their loaves?

I didn’t run to Firebake as soon as it opened (despite the fact that it’s in my East Coast/Katong hood) as I was under the mistaken impression that it was all about breads.

And I am trying to cut down on the carbs, see?

Well, Firebake is all about the bread… and more, thankfully.

Firebake menu

Firebake Pate

I’m a fan of chicken liver pate so when I see it, I tend to order it. At Firebake, the Chicken Liver Pate ($S12) is accompanied by 2 slices of bread, 4-spiced salt, home-pickled pearl onions and gherkins. Take a mouthful of sweet fruity bread, spicy salt, piquant pearl onions and the rich liver pate, and you’ve covered all your flavour bases.

I tasted clove in the salt, and it really waves its pungent magic over the pate.

Firebake Pumpkin

The next dish, Wood-Fired Pumpkin ($16), I wouldn’t normally order – not a huge vegetable eater – but the addition of burrata made me curious and boy, was it worth ordering!

The pumpkin was cooked to perfection. Still retaining its shape, but so smooth almost like puree and so sweet, it was delicious. The pistachio dukkah gave some crunch, and the burrata with basil added a sense of indulgence to what one might normally perceive to be an overly healthy dish.

Firebake Steak

Speaking of indulgence, the Rangers Valley Striploin ($38) – enough for 2 hungry eaters – was amazing. Aside from the fact that it’s a striploin (not my favourite cut due to the thick strip of fat), the meat itself was again, perfectly done (I asked for medium and it was a glorious pink) and you can really taste the robust meat flavour.

Too full to try dessert, we plan to return one day soon. With prices fairly reasonable and the quality of the food, Firebake is definitely worth a visit. Chef also mentioned that they will be starting brunch service from the last weekend of April, and eventually, we hope lunch is on the cards too!


Address: 237 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428930

Contact: 6440 1228, reserve via Chope


Opening Hours:

Daily 6pm-10pm, Closed on Mondays.

Bread collection starts from 5pm (while stocks last)


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