Fishmarkadurinn Desserts

Icelandic Seafood feast at Fiskmarkadurinn!

When it comes to Iceland, lamb and lobster rule – luckily they’re my favourite kind of food! Fish restaurants abound in Reykjavik, all proudly showcasing their variety of happy swimmers and amongst the best is Fiskmarkadurinn, sister restaurant to another popular restaurant, Grillmarkadurinn.

You could choose amongst the many ala carte items that all sound gloriously delish, but I’m lazy and I want the best and easy choice – so went straight for the tasting menu (11,400 ISK per person).

Plate after plate of yumminess arrive, and they are just starters, at a rather frenetic pace, so much so that we had to tell them to hold off for a while so that our tummies could rest in between.

I love how the Nordic countries love to cure their seafood, always giving a freshness to the fish and at Fiskmarkadurinn, the Lemon-cured arctic char with edamame and cauliflower puree is subtle and delicious.

Fiskmarkadurinn Arctic Char
Lemon-cured Arctic Char

Another popular thing I notice amongst the Nordic countries in the use of Indian spices, whether cardamom, cinnamon or curry powder. Bringing me back to Asia is the Squid fried with crispy Indian-spiced oats and chili lime sauce.

Fiskmarkadurinn Squid

Minke whale features regularly in Icelandic menus and are usually sliced thin and served up lightly grilled. The dish here comes with berries and soy sauce/horseradish dips. The whale was grilled to medium rare perfection and the tart berries gave a needed zing to the dish.

Fiskmarkadurinn Minke Whale
Minke Whale

Strangely, despite Icelandic lamb being almost an essential in every menu, I can’t quite say that I have always had great lamb. Not because the lamb isn’t good, but I find that they tend to overcook the lamb, resulting in a tough, well-done piece of meat, which isn’t enjoyable at all. So do indicate your preference – I know, one would assume that medium would be the defacto doneness, but that’s not the case. Well, we specified and we did get a nice lamb dish, featuring the shank and tenderloin.

Fiskmarkadurinn Lamb
Lamb Shank and Tenderloin

Dessert was another 5-course unto itself. There was Passionfruit and Lemon curd cheesecake, Raspberry and Aniseed mousse, Lychee and Berry Sorbets and Chocolate cake with Caramel.

Fiskmarkadurinn Desserts

If you ever feel like you’re not getting great value for the moolah you’re dishing out, you definitely won’t feel that here! In fact, the couple next us were so stuffed, they barely touched the dessert.

Asides from the beautiful food, service here is really good – professional, friendly and thoughtful.

Tip: if you’re celebrating a special occasion, do let them know in advance. They very sweetly gave us a couple of glasses of champagne as aperitif.


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