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FOC Restaurant – Savour that Spanish!

It’s taken me this long to write about FOC – one of my favourite tapas joints in Singapore because…I’ve never sat at their bar counter!

The point of that is, the table seatings have dim, romantic lighting, all the better to gaze into your partner’s eyes as you tapas the night away, but not all the better for taking photos.

FOC Bar Seating Area

Finally, I chose to get close to the action last week, and sat at the bar. And a whole world of beautiful pictures opened up to me!

Having opened sometime in the beginning of 2015, FOC is by no means a new place, but it’s managed to retain its buzz and good luck trying to get a table without a reservation on a Friday.

Because I was a fan of now-defunct Foodbar Dada, where FOC’s head chef Jordi was from, I was quick to visit FOC when it first opened. And been there many times after.

Tapas here brings back memories of bar hopping in Barcelona, and the food represents the innovative style of Catalan cuisine.

FOC Baby Squid and Egg
Squid and Egg
FOC Cod Fritters
Cod Fritters

My favourites amongst the many interesting options are the “Scramble before you eat” eggs with Chorizo ($10), Octopus Slow-Cooked and Charcoal Grilled ($22), Cod Fish Fritters and Green Apple Puree ($12) and the Baby Squid with White Wine and Egg ($18).

I love the combination of flavours in all of them, and especially for those involving two of my go-to proteins when I think of Mediterranean food – Octopus and Squid.

Other interesting options are the Eel and Pork Belly ($20) and the “Coca” with Anchovies, Grilled Peppers and Spherical Cheese ($16).

FOC Pork Belly And Eel
Eel and Pork Belly
FOC Cod Fritters and Coca Anchovies
Cod Fritters/Coca with Peppers, Anchovies and Cheese

If you’re in a group and you want to bulk up on the meal without adding too much to the bill, the Mushroom or Jamon Croquettes ($10), Patatas Bravas ($8) – fried potatoes with spicy sausage and garlic mayonnaise – and Toasted Bread with Tomatoes ($8) are really good ideas.

FOC Jamon Croquettes
Jamon Croquettes
FOC Baby Squid with Eggs and Tomato Bread
Tomato Bread/Baby Squid with Eggs

There are specials that change daily, and they are worth a try, especially if you’ve been to FOC a few times. I enjoyed the Beef Cheek with Cava Pear ($18) and the Baby Octopus with Salsa (($18) the last time I was there.

FOC Beef Cheek with Cava Pear
Beef Cheek with Cava Pear
FOC Baby Octopus with Salsa
Baby Octopus with Salsa

Of course, the ever-popular Squid-ink Paella ($24) is a must-try here, at the end of the meal though, as it is a rich dish, perfect to end your meal with.

FOC Squid Ink Paella
Squid Ink Paella

Speaking of ending the meal, normally I don’t make it to dessert but I have tried a few. I didn’t think they were as good as the savouries, but if you’re a fan of white chocolate, try the Mini Chocolate Burger ($12).

FOC Chocolate Burger
Chocolate Burger

Made entirely of chocolate and fruit, it’s a fun dish but I’d rather have a fake Squid-ink Burger then – made out of dark chocolate!

I could be bored by now with FOC’s menu but thanks to the frequently-changing specials and some classic favourites, I can definitely see more repeat visits!

Check out El Tardeo and Delicacy for other tapas joints that offer up good tapas at wallet-friendly prices.


Address: 40 Hongkong Street, Singapore 059679

Contact: +65 6100 4040 or


Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat: Lunch (Last Order: 2pm) Saturday is Pintxos Brunch

Mon-Thu: Dinner (Last Order: 10pm)

Fri & Sat: Dinner (Last Order: 10:30pm)

Sun: Closed


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