Folklore Fried Rice

Folklore Restaurant – Taste of Singapore’s Heritage

Folklore’s Eurasian-Peranakan hybrid cuisine was the perfect solution to my wanderlusting best friend’s search for heritage cuisine in Singapore.

Visiting from the USA, this girl craves cultural culinary exploits wherever she goes, so I figured a visit to Folklore restaurant at Destination Singapore Beach Road hotel would give her a taste of our uniquely Singaporean heritage.

Folklore bills itself as a multi-cultural restaurant, featuring not just Peranakan and Eurasian cuisine, but also Indian, Malay and Chinese fare.

But I preferred to focus my orders on the Eurasian and Peranakan side of things. (I mean, a Mulligatawny soup hardly makes for exciting Indian fare).

So, first up – the Ngoh Hiang ($14). Which is a beancurd skin roll of moist minced prawn and pork, fried to perfection, with bits of water chestnut to add the crunch element. Strangely, the dish arrived without any sauces, so we had to ask, and then only a chilli sauce appeared. No sighting of the sweet sauce that normally accompanies ngoh hiang.

Folklore Ngoh Hiang

The Ayam Pelencheng ($15), a 7-spice marinated and grilled chicken, is delicious. As is the Nyonya-style Sweet Potato Leaves with Prawns ($16) – spicier than it looks!

Folklore Chicken

Folklore Ngoh Hiang and Veg

But we all know what we came for. The Buah Keluak Fried Rice ($22), of course! This was Chef Damian D’Silva’s signature dish at his former restaurant, Immigrants, and I still remember the first time I had it. Nutty, earthy and rich, this is unlike any other fried rice. At Immigrants, I remember walking out thinking, damn, if only they didn’t stinge on their portions.

Folklore Fried Rice

But at Folkore, that certainly wasn’t an issue. An upsized version of the dish appeared, and the taste, still resplendent!

For dessert, the gula melaka junkies in us just had to order both desserts featuring the caramelly palm sugar – the Sago Gula Melaka ($8) and Baked Custard ($12). Both of them were winners, but I am still drooling over the silky, smooth custard with the decadent gula melaka topping.

Folklore Desserts

So, closing thoughts? For “heritage” dining in beautiful spaces, I would bring people I like who are looking to celebrate to Violet Oon’s National Kitchen; and to Po, I will only bring business visitors with an expense account. Folklore, I will bring friends and family over for its sincere and reasonably-priced fare. Buah Keluak Fried Rice – we shall meet again!

Folklore Restaurant:

Address: Destination Singapore Beach Road, 700 Beach Road, Level 2, Singapore 199598

Tel: 6679 2900

Opening Hours:

Lunch 12:00pm – 2.30pm

Dinner: 6:00pm – 9.30pm


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