Garang Grill Ribs

Garang Grill – a pop-up by New Ubin Seafood

Oh yeah…no need to go to the west side, my fellow easties – Garang Grill, a pop-up by New Ubin Seafood is now in da hood at Swan Lake Avenue.

Hijacking eastsiders’ beloved mod-Sin restaurant Slake’s location, this pop-up grill is set to stay till May 31st, after which…we hope they continue on.

Garang Grill Entrance

Garang Grill Menu

Some of Slake’s classics still remain at Garang Grill – like the Chilli Crab Rillettes (S$14) and Whole Norwegian Mackerel ($28).

Garang Grill Chilli Crab

The chilli crab rillette is chunky and I like the more fragrant, almost lemongrass-like flavour of the sauce, but just to set expectations, it isn’t the classic chilli crab sauce you get at seafood restaurants.

And the mantou (fried bread) – they were perfect to scoop up the sauce with.

Garang Grill Chilli Crab Rillettes

The Foie Gras Satay ($9/piece, min order 2 pieces) sounded interesting, but while the foie gras was all rich and glorious, it certainly was no satay. I thought I would be getting some meat + foie gras combo, presented in a typical satay stick form.

Garang Grill Foie Gras

Sure, there was a toothpick to pick the little canape up, but if that’s why it’s called a satay… maybe just drop the word, satay, from the description?

Form aside, considering the premium ingredient was well seared and the portions, no big issues here.

But the focus at Garang Grill, naturally, is on the grilled meats. Fans of the smoky Spanish Josper oven should come try the results of the Mibrasa charcoal grill, which cost the restaurant a cool $16,000.

While the beef at New Ubin (which has relocated from its original locale at Sin Ming to the Hillview neighbourhood) is using the US Black Angus Beef ($14/100g), here you have the more premium USDA Prime Rib-Eye ($18/100g). Minimum order starts at 400g.

I love beef short ribs but as the minimum order starts at 600g and at $12/100g, and it was just my hubby and I, we skipped this and chose the BBQ St. Louis Pork Ribs ($38) instead.

(So yeah, next time, I’m visiting with more people so that I can order the beef – the table next to me was having the rib-eye and damn, it looked all pink and good!)

Garang Grill Ribs

Value for money-wise, the pork ribs portion was right for the price. The dry rub was also tasty, a little generous with the salt but good kick overall. Hubby, the ribs expert, said it was a tad dry though, and that the meat could have been juicier.

Slake fans will recognize the Sticky Date Pudding ($8) as one of their favourites, so we tried that. Not your typical, caramel or butterscotch drowned pudding, but a light, fluffy pud with delicious caramel crumbs and a salted caramel ice cream. I think, just right, especially if you’ve had a bit of meat overload during dinner.

Garang Grill Sticky Date Pudding

The pop-up is here for the next 3 months, so my recommendation is to go with more than just 2 people so that you can order as many varieties of the grilled meats available and enjoy a meat fest!

Garang Grill by New Ubin Seafood:

Address: 15 Swan Lake Ave, S455711

Contact: 9245 0184


Opening Hours:

Lunch: 11.30am-2.30pm

Dinner: 6.30pm-10pm

Open daily except Mondays


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