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High House at One Raffles Place, Highlights!

High House at One Raffles Place…leaving room for lots of interpretation on the intention behind the name, but make no mistake – this is the place for sky-high dining and partying!

Back when it used to be Stellar, I had visited a few times, but the vibes are different at High House.

Firstly, there is a lot more integration between the dining and music programmes, with various DJs spinning each night once the clock strikes 10.

High House occupies the 61st and 62nd floors of One Raffles Place, and despite all the times I have stepped into the lift that beamed me up to the skies, I found myself still marvelling as the ground slipped further and further away.

The second thing I noticed was the space had a lot more edgy vibes, almost as if the place would be ready to transform into a dance-worthy club once dinner service was over.

With all this, was the food at High House up to mark, then?

Yes, 100%, yes. As it was just my girlfriend and me, we couldn’t order too many dishes, but from the few we tried, I enjoyed them all.

High House Kingfish Carpaccio

We started the night with a perfect palate kicker, the Dutch Kingfish Carpaccio ($28), topped with Seaweed Tempura, Nori Vinaigrette, Kizami Wasabi and Guacamole.

High House Crabmeat Squid Ink Rice

The seafood theme continued in our orders. We decided on the lush-sounding Crabmeat Squid Ink Fried Rice ($48) which came with fried Calamari and homemade Sambal.

We had been given some crackers when we sat down and the sambal was put to better use here. The rice was delicious on its own, and even my carb-avoidant friend relished it.

High House Features image

To assuage the guilt of eating all that rice, we shared the Grilled Pacific Hake ($46) with a Cowhorn Green Pepper Sauce and Crispy Soybeans. There were two chunky pieces and this was definitely a good choice.

Roasted Cauliflower

As sides, we were intrigued by the Banana Leaf Roasted Cauliflower ($16). I thought it was tasty enough, how could it not be when it had Feta and Candied Pecans!

Other items that caught my eye for future tries were the Fijian-Style Seafood Ceviche, the Lobster Mac & Cheese and the Grilled Lamb Ribs. So that will be the plan for the next time.

Such an enthusiastic birthday treat!

We were stuffed by now so we weren’t planning to order any dessert but, then…What a wonderful birthday surprise arrived by way of a Sesame mousse cake! Accompanying it was one of the most genuinely enthusiastic singing from waiters at a restaurant that I have ever experienced.

High House Birthday
High House and me

One thing I have noticed is that, post-pandemic, restaurants have become a little more “restrained” when it comes to offering up a complimentary dessert to the birthday guest. It seems like even acknowledging the birthday by adding a candle into a dessert that the guest is paying for is an issue.

I could have sworn pre-pandemic, most fine restaurants would at least stick a candle on a dessert if you ordered one. Several would give a complimentary dessert whether you ordered one or not, just so that you could celebrate.

So top marks for continuing this lovely practice, and as you can see, it is a proper-sized dessert with a customised message, showing that they took note even of the age!

And the drinks at High House?

I profited from the Happy Hour (cocktails at $12 a pop) and started with a Chocolate & Cane ($12).

High House Cocktail

Their wine list is presented on a tablet that the helpful sommelier / assistant manager, Iain, worked us through…I couldn’t decide between two Sauvignon Blanc bottles, and seeing as how I love to study my wines, he suggested that he would choose from the two on my behalf, blind it, and see if I could guess his choice.

It turned out to be the Mount Difficulty Bannockburn ($100), a well-balanced SB that paired well with our seafood-heavy dinner.

After our meal, Iain showed us around to the rooftop which will be home to new party destination, and Singapore’s tallest open-air rooftop bar, Nova, launching soon. Walking around, I had an excellent déjà vu of my party days back then, when this 63rd level rooftop, known as 1-Altitude then, was the place to bring visiting guests to Singapore.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience at High House, needless to say, book early to secure the window-side tables but even if you don’t, the seating plan is strategic enough for good views all around. Enjoy!

High House:

Address: One Raffles Place Level 61-62 Singapore 048616

Contact: +6596778074, hello@highhouse.sg


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