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My very first time at Jaan was around 14 years ago, when my boyfriend (my darling hubby now) had brought me there on a date. Back then, we were all about exploring the latest fine dining places, so we would go around trying new restaurants, never mind the fact that back in the day, there wasn’t much focus on exactly who was cooking your pricey meal.

So disinterested was I in the chef, that I honestly cannot recall who was the chef at Jaan then. Maybe it was Andre Chiang, definitely not Julien Royer (too recent), well, those were the days of just eat, enjoy the experience and go, without having to study and articulate the head chef’s life story and show off  how your astute tastebuds could discern between cumin and caraway.

As we grew older, and hopefully wiser, we became far more restrained with our rush to dine at some fancy, new hotspot. Like cougars on the prowl, waiting to pounce on the perfect victim, we bide our time and let others scan the scene first before heading out to dish out our hard-earned moolah.

And so, it was time – for Jaan. With the plethora of options around, deciding where to bring my hubby to for his birthday dinner was a mindf*** till someone said, “well, he brought you to Odette for your birthday, so how about Jaan for his?”, not knowing the significance that Jaan held for us.

Yes, well, why not. It had been ages, and with age comes all manners of sentiment, so Jaan it was.

The elevator doors open onto the 70th floor of the Swissotel, and you’re escorted to your table (be sure to ask for a table by the windows. Actually most of them are, but just in case). The degustation options are laid out in front of us, and without delay, the champagne cart is rolled over, inviting us to start the night with an aperitif.

Well, seeing as how I would have had to shell out at least $50 for a glass, I politely declined and started perusing the extensive wine list instead. We’re talking around 500 old and new world wines, with half, magnum and jerobaum formats available as well.

I think the sommelier could see we were in an extremely adventurous mood, so he recommended a bottle from the up-and-coming Jura region of France. Located between Burgundy and Switzerland, this region is known to produce some weird and wonderful wines that are enjoying some sort of a cult status now.

Jaan Red Wine Trousseau, Jura

Jaan White Wine Savignin, Jura

We had our wine education for the night thanks to the affable sommelier, now we know all about the Trousseau and Savagnin varieties too (indigenous to Jura) and ideas of exploring this obscure region, drinking its biodynamic wines while munching on Comte, started floating around.

But back to the food. Four snacks are presented to whet your appetite – little they might have been but powerful in flavour were they. I especially enjoyed the Truffle Macaron and the Cumin Hummus.

Jaan Snacks

The next snack was a smooth potato puree dish, over which truffle tea was poured – mmm, very moreish indeed.

Jaan Potato Truffle

Jaan Bread
Bread. With seaweed butter.

Then commences the 8-course degustation proper. Here’s the rundown:

Jaan Oyster
Majestic Irish Oyster. I am happiest eating my oysters au naturel, but I suppose serving a single, freshly-shucked oyster wouldn’t cut it here at Jaan, so here, we had it with a ponzu foam.
Jaan Trout
Maple Cured Trout. Brightly-coloured, fleshy pieces with a nice touch of aniseedy dill.
Jaan Langoustine
Violin Courgette with Langoustine. The courgette with its lovely char marks, and the smooth, tasty langoustine.
Jaan Egg
Egg in an egg… that vibrant orange yolk was just perfect. Not horridly runny, it was cooked just right with mushrooms and caviar to accompany it.
Scottish Scallop. A highlight for me. Probably the sweetest scallop I have ever tasted in my life.
Line-caught Halibut. Another standout seafood dish.
Jaan Pigeon
Forest Pigeon. Robust, gamey – and the only meat item on the degustation menu. I quizzed Chef Kirk Westaway on it, the seemingly seafood-skewed menu, and his response was perfect: “Because I love seafood!”. Well, so do I, chef, so do I.
Ivory Caramel. Even a non-chocolate fan like my hubby thought the combination of textures and flavours in this chocolate dish was amazing.
Jaan Mignardises
Mignardises. With which to further stuff ourselves.

Seeing as how hubby had brought me to dinner at Odette in March this year, we couldn’t help but compare who had had the better birthday dinner. Two Michelin starred Odette or One Michelin starred Jaan? At the end, we concluded that Odette had just that touch bit more excitement and experimentation, but Jaan’s Kirk Westaway is definitely hot on the heels of his predecessor, Julien Royer who left Jaan to open Odette.

And on a last note, this was one degustation menu where we almost left rolling out of the restaurant (that’s a good thing in my books) – at $268 for the 8-course, with the skyline views and wonderful service, Jaan is definitely a great place to go to for a celebration.


Address: Level 70, Swissôtel The Stamford, 2 Stamford Road, Singapore 178882

Contact: +65 6837 3322, jaan.bookings@swissotel.com

Opening Hours:

Mon to Sat 12:00 – 14:30, 19:00 – 22:00


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