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Jomon – funky izakaya at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo

Jomon, a buzzing izakaya in bustling Roppongi Hills, is a quirky, fabulous find. I mean, when asked if we would like a window seat, we were promptly shown literally to a window seat, sitting on the floor, looking through a window, with our legs hanging out onto the streetside.

Jomon Tokyo Window Seat

The atmosphere too is really fun. Boisterous waiters squat right next to you while taking your orders and the characteristic, loud Japanese welcome greetings puncture the air every now and then.

Food is all about sticks – kushiyaki, which is grilled pieces of food on skewers and anything goes. There’s a variety of beef, pork, chicken, seafood and vegetables.

The bites are small, and prices can add up, but I didn’t find the pricing to be anything out of the ordinary for a izakaya like this, in a neighbourhood like Roppongi.

You’ll also see a huge display of sake and plum wines, so perfect to go with the grilled skewers.

Jomon Inside View Sake

As in most places in Tokyo, you might think this is hard to find, yes, there are no signs in English, but if you’re taking the train, get off at Roppongi station, turn right, walk on till you see a downward sloping hill, walk down that, and you should be able to spot legs dangling out of the window on the left. And that’s where you can find Jomon. Either that, or just see who are the friendliest waiters along that street, they’ll be from Jomon!

Also, I find that it’s a good idea to “make a day” out of your visit to Roppongi Hills. Check out my stories on Mori Art Museum and L’atelier de Joel Robuchon to find out more.

Tip: Best to call for a reservation. That said, perhaps the fact that we didn’t have reservations resulted in the uber-fun experience of the “window seat”!

Address: 5-9-17 Roppongi | Fujimori Bldg. 1F, Minato 106-0032, Tokyo

Contact: +81 3-3405-2585


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