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Jypsy – PS. Cafe’s new beachy, boho, Japanese casual dining

“I’m fuming!” she seethed, as she instructed me, while hurtling over in a Grab, on what to order at Jypsy, P.S. Café’s latest offering at 38. Martin Road.

“Get me a drink, any drink will do!” she texted as I went ahead to order what every other table seemed to be having – the Nest of Fries ($11). I figured the truffle-infused carb-heavy dish might soothe the demon bubbling within her, and fill her belly at the same time too.

Jypsy Truffle Fries

It was fine that she was late for our lunch at Jypsy, because that gave me time to peruse the menu and salivate at the thought of trying sushi rolls such as the Salmon Nord ($17) with cured salmon belly, crispy salmon skin, ikura and… the “Nord” element – Dill cream.

Or the Lobster and Crab Gyoza ($15) with dashi foam.

Neither of which we ordered in the end, because while we do love our long lunches, we don’t necessarily dig the mountain of calories that come with it. So we stuck to four dishes, and the drinks, of course.

Oh, speaking of drinks, I saw the beautiful Billecart Salmon champagne available by the glass – in case you’re feeling flush like that.

So the fries came along, smelling all truffle-y and feeling all crispy. It’s easy to get lost in mindlessly munching on these, I tell you.

Jypsy Shrimp Tempura Rolls

The Crispy Shrimp ($16) sushi roll was, well, like an upgraded version that you might find at other “generic” sushi restaurants here. How it was described in the menu sure made it sound exotic, but strangely, I couldn’t quite get all the flavours that was mentioned.

Don’t get me wrong – it was thoroughly enjoyable biting into the fat shrimp with a lovely light coat of tempura batter, and having the creamy peperonatta mayo with it, but where was the fragrant kaffir lime or zingy red yuzu you promised me?

Jypsy Unagi Foie Gras Roll

As for another luscious-sounding dish, the 5 Stones ($19), that came with torched unagi and foie gras – we simply had to try that, of course! Yes, it was slippery and smooth, but could have done with more torching and again, where was that classic foie gras taste?

Jypsy Tuna Sashimi 1

Not lacking in flavour whatsoever was the Bluefin Tuna Sashimi ($24). Quite an explosion indeed, thanks to the crunchy furikake and avruga caviar.

Now, to be frank, half the fun of dining at Jypsy really is its fabulous and charming décor. Walking in, I felt like I was at some boho-chic, beachy restaurant, with oodles of Japanese Zen thrown in. Not counting the fact that you do see several groups of “ladies who lunch” exchanging the latest in, well, whatever they normally exchange on.

Jypsy Bar Counter

Jypsy Interior 1

Jypsy Interior 2

So, it could be the vibe, it could by my wine, it could be that I was enjoying the luxury of having a girly lunch on a random Tuesday at a hot, new restaurant, but I genuinely had a good time then. Post-wannabe tai tai moment, I’m thinking they sure know how to write an enticing menu, but perhaps they could be more generous with the ingredients and flavours of the dishes.

I’d go back again for sure, just to try more of those sexy-sounding sushi rolls. And to see if I could really generalise Jypsy like this.


Address: No.38 Martin Road Singapore 239072

Contact: +65 8188 6177

Opening Hours:

Tuesday – Sunday : 11.30 am – 4.00 pm ; 5.30pm – 11.00pm (Last food order 10.30 pm)

Closed on Monday


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