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Mitzo meets Morsels Face Off

McGregor and Mayweather may be facing off this weekend but I was invited to a different kind of fight last week.

I exaggerate. Mitzo’s “Friends of Mitzo Dinner Series” isn’t about a cook-off, more of a “let’s make lovely food together” kind of collaboration project with respected chefs.

The respected chef in question being our lady chef de jour, Petrina Loh of Morsels. Chef Petrina is recognized for experimenting, extracting and enticing her diners with innovative flavours and techniques.

And Chef Nicky Ng of Mitzo at the Grand Park Orchard is known for infusing modern touches and putting a creative spin to traditional Cantonese classics.

Together they solemnized the marriage of Modern Cantonese and Progressive Fusion by presenting a 6-course menu that showcased each chef’s interpretation of premium ingredients.

Mitzo Morsels Appetizer

We started the meal with a quartet of bites, featuring Shrimp Tofu Seaweed, Shrimp Nori Roll, Kimchi Jelly and Pickled Cabbage. It’s a good prelude of what’s to come, featuring pickling and curing techniques for the other dishes.

In fact, one of my favourite dishes of the night was the Gin-cured Red Emperor Snapper. The refreshing botanicals of the gin permeated the silky slivers of fish and imparted an almost-floral flavour to the dish. The smear of Mitzo House-waxed Croacker Fish ‘Tonnato’ contrasted boldly with the delicate snapper and added some depth to the dish.

Mitzo Morsels Fish

Speaking of depth, Chef Nicky certainly double-boiled his way into infusing tonnes of flavour into his Ginseng Sakura Chicken Consommé with Xiaolong Bao. My only gripe? Too small a serving! And I am normally not a fan of soups. But this was bold!

The pink, tender Drunken Sakura Ginseng Chicken with Ginseng Shaoxing Sauce was a good complement to the consommé.

Mitzo Morsels Chicken

This dish was paired with a Popcorn infused vodka, lemon juice, salted caramel syrup, egg white and lapsang souchong tincture – a palate cleanser to neutralize the ginseng bitterness. It certainly did, thanks to the overdose of lemon juice!

Mitzo Morsels Prawn Noodles

I like skinny noodles the most – tang hoon, vermicelli, bee hoon, however you want to call it. And when it’s fried over high heat in a wok and served with sweet prawn, reeking of that smoky wok hei, yum! The Prawn Vermicelli came with a crispy Sakura Ebi Hae Piah, which added a crunchy twist to the dish.

Although the Soy Brined Slow Poached Duck Breast with Yuzu White Chocolate Sauce was a treat on its own, I enjoyed its Crispy Roast Duck with Black Truffle Sauce partner more. The truffle sauce was used at just the right level to perfume the duck, not overpower it.

Mitzo Morsels Duck

And this dish was paired with a bold drink to complement the strong flavours – a Campari, sweet vermouth, cherry liquor, red dates bitter aged for 1 month in an oak barrel concoction.

When I saw that dessert was called Almond Symphony, I was not too thrilled – I love almonds as they are, but when they are made into desserts, I am not a fan of that rather medicinal smell. But the Almond Panna Cotta with Plum Jam and Thousand Layer Almond Puff that ended our meal was light and small – I managed a few bites of it, especially admiring the many layers of the almond puff.

Mitzo Morsels Dessert

The Friends of Mitzo: Mitzo x Morsels dinner happens over two nights only, details below:

Mitzo x Morsels:

Date:  Friday and Saturday, 8 – 9 September 2017

Time:  6.30pm – 10.00pm

Location: Level 4 Grand Park Orchard, 270 Orchard Road Singapore 238857

Price: S$118++ for a six-course dinner (S$168++ with cocktail pairing)

For reservations and enquiries, please email or call +65 6603 8855.


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