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Mitzo x Shen Tan, Friends of Mitzo Dinner series

A couple of months back, I attended the 2nd instalment of the Friends of Mitzo series featuring a face-off between Morsel’s Petrina Low and Mitzo’s Executive Chef Nicky Ng.

Rounding of the Friends of Mitzo series is the upcoming collaboration with Singapore’s “nasi lemak queen”, Shen Tan.

It might not do her justice to brand her just as such, but Chef Shen has shown mad skills in the department of Mod-Sin. Previously running the roost at Wok & Barrel at Duxton and Ujong at Raffles Hotel, she’s now a culinary consultant, most recently working with Revolution Coffee at Media Circle.

The Chief Friend in question here is Executive Chef Nicky Ng of Cantonese fine dining restaurant Mitzo, who is also making his mark in the scene with his innovative approach to the very traditional cuisine.

I was invited to a media preview, and dare I say it, it seems they might have saved the best 2-hander for last.

I can safely say that I relished every dish that was placed in front of me. Here’s a quick snapshot to whet your appetites and note this special collaboration dinner runs for two nights only on 15 & 16 November at Mitzo, Grand Park Orchard.

Mitzo Shen Tan Nasi Lemak
Nasi Lemak sushi with cumin-spiced seabass. Steamed coconut-infused rice with a spicy sambal and a caramelized and flaky fish. Accompanied by a cognac-based drink with a salted chicken floss rim to go with the strong flavours of the dish. All I can say is, give me more of that nasi lemak sushi!
Mitzo Shen Tan Pork Ribs Dumpling soup
This soup sees pork ribs boiled in young coconut water, and first, you taste the sweetness of the broth, which dramatically changes into a earthy potion once you break the buah keluak dumpling. Yes, that’s right. A buah keluak dumpling! And if that isn’t enough, break the laksa leaf pesto prawn dumpling and you get another fragrant expression of the dish. The layers!
Mitzo Shen Tan Dumpling and Espresso Pork
Wobbly and gelatinous is not a texture I appreciate at all. But this pork belly, all high and sticky on an espresso glaze was superb! I put aside my fear of the fat and indulged. A star of the night, indeed. Accompanied by a drunken chicken dumpling and a refreshing cocktail made with chamomile infused whiskey, apricot brandy and rose and apple syrup.
Mitzo Shen Tan Bak Chor Mee
An interpretation of bak chor mee, the dish had spicy noodles offset perfectly (and uniquely) by deep-fried plump oysters and tender slices of 5-spice coffee-rubbed pork confit.
Mitzo Shen Tan Lobster Truffle Poached Rice
An Asian-inspired risotto, if you ask me. This Lobster and Truffle rice dish is altogether lavish and hearty. Not too overpowering on the truffle, I enjoyed this final savoury treat of the night. The drink too, was my favourite, a pandan infused vodka drink, tangy with lemon and made creamy with frothy egg whites.
Mitzo Shen Tan dessert
Luckily I was satiated by the time this dish arrived. Not my highlight, only because glutinous, like the aforementioned gelatinous, is not my favourite texture but everyone else around the table really loved this interpretation of a chinese classic, png kueh. This was made of black glutinous rice and cashew nuts with salted egg yolk ice cream. All said and done, I do recall finishing every morsel on the plate!

Friends of Mitzo x Shen Tan:

Dates: 15 & 16 November

Time: 6.30pm

Price: $118 for a six-course and $168 with cocktail-pairing.

Reservations: Email or call 6603 8855.


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