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{CLOSED} Mo’mor Izakaya at Tanglin

Update – 20 August 2016: Happy to report on Mo’Mor Izakaya’s new Happy Hours! $5 deal on selected wines, beers, sake cocktails, whiskey and vodka, daily from 5-7pm. All the more reason to be super-productive at work and rush on down to Mo’Mor Izakaya!

Original Post – 12 May 2016: It was a fabulous gal pal’s birthday and her hubby happily tasked me to find a dinner spot for last Friday, and after much thinking (as I wanted to go somewhere new), I decided on Mo’Mor Izakaya.

Izakaya always sounds super cool and buzzing and I wanted a place that had a good vibe and a menu that’s adventurous but not ridiculously overpriced and I found it at Mo’Mor Izakaya.

Billing itself as European with Japanese touches, you will see representation of that in some of its tapas and big plates creations. The concept doesn’t really extend across all its dishes, but that doesn’t matter at all. As long as the food is good and you’re not emptying out my bank account, it’s all good to me.

So, armed with a bottle of prosecco (oh, and here’s where you can raise your glass happily, a bottle of bubbly for $65 – but beware they do run out of the bottles!), we started with some seafood. How could you not when you have bubbly in hand?

Momor Oysters

The Oysters ($5.50/piece) come with a refreshing citrus jelly and the little orange baubles of ikura in the  Hokkaido Scallop Tartare ($22) add a salty pop to the sweet scallop.

Momor Scallop

Birthday gal ordered the Grilled Iberico Pork Jowl ($12) and said it was really tender and the pickled apples brought a nice, tart flavor to the dish.

Momor Pork

The Roasted Whole Eel ($22) was lovely too – just the right amount of sweet soy glaze and broiling.

Momor Eel

So far all good, but the mains were where we thought it was really worth it. None of them (except the Black Angus Tenderloin) were above $40 and I was expecting small portions. But happily, that wasn’t the case. Both the Miso Ginger Spring Chicken ($22) and the Spice Rub Lamb Rack ($38) that we ordered saw a good number of pieces to share, and I was particularly happy with the lamb. As you can see from the picture, these are nice and meaty, not some scrawny rack that you sometimes get when dining out.

Momor Lamb

Taste-wise, thanks to the spot-on usage of herbs and spices, the meats were very flavourful.

Momor Chicken

Birthday gal is a carbonara-craving carboholic, so we ordered the Carbonara ($23)– also a winner, topped with an onsen egg that oozes its luscious yolk to add more richness to the already bacon-rich sauce.

Momor Carbonara

A pretty as a picture Yuzu Sabayon was our first dessert – it comes with oba leaf ice cream, raspberry crisps and crumbles. This was my first time trying oba leaf ice cream, aka shiso leaf – you know the leaf that you get with your sashimi dishes? I normally don’t eat those leaves as I always thought they were just for garnish and taste too bitter/medicinal for me, but now I have learnt that they’ve been noted for their anti-bacterial properties, perfect for eating raw fish with.

Momor Yuzu Sabayon

Anyway, the ice cream doesn’t exhibit too strong a bitter taste, and scooped up with the raspberry crisps and crumble, it’s a mouthful of joy.

Same goes for the strangely-named Lavender Pudding, which I think would have been more aptly-named as a Pina Colada since it had a yummy caramelized pineapple and coconut ice cream that steals the show from the rather subtle Lavender-infused pudding.

Momor Lavendar Pudding

So, if you’re looking for a buzzy hangout on a Friday with your buddies, definitely give Mo’mor Izakaya a try. Just be prepared to shout at the top of your voice if you’re seated indoors, it does get raucously loud!

Momor Happy Birthday

Mo’Mor Izakaya:

Address: 56 Tanglin Rd #B1-01, Singapore 247964 (Tanglin Post Office, opposite Tanglin Mall)

Contact: +65 6463 8080


Opening Hours: 

11am – 11pm (Mon – Wed)

11am – 1am (Thurs – Sat)

11am – 11pm (Sun)


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