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Moonbow – New Fine-Dining at Dempsey

It has been a while since I’ve checked out a new, fine-dining restaurant. I’ve been revisiting familiar places, either out of laziness or just not being interested in any of the new openings over the past few months.

But I decided to make a little more effort for lunch last week, and did an online trawl of new restaurant openings and stumbled upon Moonbow at Dempsey.

I was looking for set lunches and Moonbow’s options looked interesting, plus I was feeling like a “European and Asian fusion”, so that made the decision for me.

Moonbow interior
Moonbow interior 2

Walking in, I couldn’t help but note that the pastel pink and champagne colour palette reminded me of Odette. The setting was soothing and lovely, and the service staff were attentive and friendly throughout.

I had a tough time deciding what would comprise my 3-course lunch ($48), not because there were that many interesting options but more because there were only a few of them that seemed attractive to me, which conflicted with the fact that I had intended to go fusion that day. It seems that I ended up choosing a couple of “safe bets” only because the fusion ones just couldn’t pique my interest enough.

Candy floss

Starting us off was this candy floss concoction. Good thing they provide wet wipes because while I valiantly tried to peel off bits with my fork, I ended up having to paw the creation with my hands and yes, sticky fingers ensued.

Taste-wise, it was sweet and salty. I’m just thinking during these Covid-19 times though, that they could consider providing individual portions to guests, I’m not sure how many would want to be sticking their fingers into the same candy floss.

Moonbow burrata

For the starter, I had food envy when I saw my friend’s selection of the Boo-rah-tuh Burrata. The teeny bit I tasted was superb. The highlight was the fragrance that the yuzu jelly added to the creamy burrata, and the watermelon tartare threw in a refreshing touch to the dish. A pipette of balsamic reduction accompanied the dish.

As for me, well, I was debating between a Crustacean Bisque and the Cauliflower Bloom, and I settled on the latter because, well, a bisque is a bisque and the waiter said that the cauliflower dish was “more experimental” so why not.

Moonbow cauliflower

Well, the dish featured all things cauliflower, naturally. Cauliflower florets, dehydraded bits and cous cous and puree. The mixed nuts and garlic crumbs added a lovely crunch and there was a smooth aioli to bind them all together. Moonbow’s version wasn’t anything particularly innovative though, I’ve had similar dishes a few times at other restaurants.

Moonbow mains

For mains, we paid a supplement of $10 for the Angus Beef Short Ribs, which I relished – it was delicious with a slight smoky edge to it thanks being smoked over apple wood chips.

My friend had the Barramundi which came in a fermented red glutinous rice wine sauce with oyster mushrooms. She said the fish was done well and overall enjoyed the dish but I think this time, it was her turn to have food envy.

Creme Brulee dessert

Dessert was a choice between Apple Crumble and Crème Brulée Chempedak. Well, the choice was clear for both of us – the latter! You can definitely taste the jackfruit in the crème and the berry ice cream and fruit glaze went well.

Overall, it was a pleasant lunch in a lovely setting. I’ll save my revisit to Moonbow when their menu gets updated as I think we had already ordered what appealed to us.


Address: Block 10 Dempsey Road, #01-21

Contact: 9010 2717

Opening hours:

Daily for lunch and dinner: 11.30am to 3pm; 6pm to 10.30pm

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