View from Sky Observation Deck Mori Tower

Mori Art Museum Tokyo

Stimulate your mind and your senses, a feast for your brain and stomach at the buzzing Roppongi Hills area. With the Mori Art Museum, L’atelier De Joel Robuchon and bustling izakaya like Jomon in the vicinity, you’re set for the day here.

Mori Tower houses the marvelously sensational Mori Art Museum. When the exhibitions at this museum hit you, it’s like someone reached deep into the crevices of your brain and stimulated it further.

When I visited for the first time in July 2013, the exhibition, All You Need is LOVE, focused on the theme of love, but not just a saccharine sweet display of kawaii art, rather exploring the whole be all and end all of love. Family love, romantic love, nationalistic love, heartbreak, hurt, even sagely advice from a young man on 100 ways to make a woman happy.

All You Need is LOVE exhibition Mori Art Museum
All You Need is LOVE exhibition

On the most recent visit in October 2015, the exhibition featured Vietnam’s favourite artist, Dinh Q Le in his showcase, Memory for Tomorrow. Wanting to feature never-before-told stories from the perspective of the Vietnamese people about the Vietnam war, Le utilized various media to present the “iconic” memories of the war like the “Huey” helicopter and the effects of “Agent Orange” on the people.

Mori Art Museum Dinh Q Le
Dinh Q Le Memory for Tomorrow exhibition

On both visits, it was the exciting curation that I really appreciated – the way they innovatively used different methods to bring across a point and deliver emotion amongst the audience.

Do try to plan such that you could watch the sunset at the Sky Observation Deck atop the Mori Tower. The tallest open-air observatory in Tokyo presents a 360-view of the skyline and costs just 500¥.

View from Sky Observation Deck Mori Tower
View from Sky Observation Deck Mori Tower

Definitely my favourite way to spend a Sunday in Tokyo, and when coupled with a brilliant lunch at nearby L’atelier De Joel Robuchon and a funky izakaya meal at Jomon, this makes for a perfect day at the Roppongi Hills area.

Mori Art Museum

Address: 53F Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Contact: +81-3-5777-8600



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