Ms Maria Mr Singh Cold Curry Aguachile 2

Ms. Maria & Mr. Singh – A Culinary Romance by Gaggan.

Ms. Maria & Mr. Singh is Gaggan Anand’s Mexican-girl-meets-Indian-boy fantasy, expressed in a culinary world. The fictional story, which began in Bangkok in March 2020, travelled to Singapore in October 2022, landing squarely along Craig Road.

It’s all sufficiently kitschy, with saffron sari prints swaying from the ceiling, rattan lamps with tequila bottles inside and mosaic tiles on the walls.

Ms. Maria & Mr Singh. Interior

I must admit that it took me a hot minute to re-align my expectations. With a name like Gaggan Anand behind this restaurant, you cannot blame me for thinking I’d be dining on some Mexican-Indian experimental mish-mash.

So, it’s not. Nothing like his crazy inventions at his eponymous restaurant in Bangkok which literally set him apart as one of the top chefs in the world.

I never made it to Gaggan in Bangkok, but I did have the luxury of trying his famed inventive take on Indian cuisine during the Gaggan residency at the Mandala Club last year.

And, I remember thinking, yes, it was very unique and experimental, indeed.

The food at Ms. Maria & Mr. Singh, while featuring some gastronomic flair, is all rather accessible.

That said, Gaggan being Gaggan, the menu cannot help but show off pops of his curious imagination. Such as his signature ‘yoghurt explosion’, something he honed during his time at El Bulli and which used to feature at Gaggan, Bangkok.

Once I checked my preconceived notions at the door, I relaxed and just focused on tasting the food. To make life easier, my friends and I went for the prix-fixe menu ($176 for 2 pax).

You get four starters, one taco set, two mains, one carb, a dal and a dessert.

So, this is what happens when Ms. Maria meets Mr. Singh?

Ms Maria Mr Singh Papdi Chaat 2
Papdi Chaat. Fantastic start with tangy, savoury, sweet, spicy all in one wobbly yoghurt sphere that threatens to drip down your chin.
Golgappa. Don’t even attempt to bite this! Make sure to put the whole thing in your mouth as it bursts out tamarind water!
Chips Dips Guacamole
Chips, Dip and Guac. Pretty standard fare.
Ms Maria Mr Singh Cold Curry Aguachile
Cold Curry Aguachile. Made with scallops, this was sweet, creamy, refreshing all at once.

Then came the Taco course. Since we had another couple dining with us, we chose two different ones to try.

Ms Maria Mr Singh Ensenada Taco
Ensenada Taco (Prawn) in the foreground, and the spicy Pork Vindaloo version at the back.

Ok, you had me at Scallop Biryani. And Lamb. And Tamale.

Ms Maria Mr Singh Lamb Chop Fish Tamale Dal
That Lamb! Just look at it, and you can imagine how good it was. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture after I unwrapped banana-leaf steamed Barramundi Tamale. That was scrumptious, too.
Ms Maria Mr Singh Scallop Biryani
I have never had Scallop Biryani, so, lucky me that this was the Biryani of the night, then. Sweet scallops with my spice-infused rice? Love.
Churros. I don’t have much to say about this, I mean, it’s churros. Can’t go too wrong, no?
Snowball mango dessert
Mango Yuzu Snowball was not part of the set, but we were sold by the idea. It’s sweet Alphonso mango given a refreshing kick from the yuzu. For dramatic effect, the shave white chocolate snow on top.

So did Ms. Maria & Mr. Singh consummate their marriage?

We attempted discussions along the way of whether Ms. Maria & Mr. Singh succeeded in a whole-hearted fusion, creating a new entity. But decided that was probably never the intention, anyway.

Instead, each kept their personality, one proudly showing their heritage in some dishes, the other in others. Sounds like how a good marriage should be, if you ask me.

At the end of the night, all four of us left feeling stuffed and happy. So thanks, Ms. Maria & Mr. Singh, it was a blast.

Ms. Maria & Mr. Singh

Address: 43 Craig Road, Singapore 089681

Contact: +65 9654 4351


Opening Hours: 

Monday : Closed

Tuesday – Thursday: 6 pm – 10:30 pm

Friday:12–2:30pm, 6:00pm –12:00 am

Saturday & Sunday: 12–2:30pm, 6–10:30 pm

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