My Capella Staycation

So I was eagerly getting into the groove in anticipation of the upcoming Madonna concert in Singapore, when I heard stirrings that my idol might be staying at my favourite hotel in Singapore – the Capella! My first instinct was to go and stake her out, but my lazy, second instinct decided to stay home and rehash memories of a staycation there.

A couple of years back, hubby and I celebrated our 9th anniversary at the Capella and that was when I concluded that if I was ever going to have another staycation, Capella would be the only place I would want to do so at.

Capella Sunset
Sunset view

Just the fact that it’s away from the “mainland” and is located in its own private and tranquil area of Sentosa is enough to make you feel like you have really left it all behind. I mean, isn’t that what a staycation is all about? You want to feel like you are at some beach resort, not wake up to hordes of tourists at some city hotel.

I was already a fan thanks to their awesome Sunday Brunch, in fact, that’s my favourite Sunday brunch in Singapore as well. I’m all about quality over quantity, and what I love about the brunch is the gorgeous display of exquisite and delicious dishes that never end up in an unsightly mess, the neverending Champagne being poured and the desserts! I’ll write up a review about Capella’s Sunday Brunch at another time.

Capella Living Room
Living Area

Back to the staycation. So we had booked a sea-facing Premier Room (the most basic of the options, it was already scarily close to $800) but as we checked in, we received a pleasant surprise. They had upgraded us to a garden pool villa! Which, believe it or not, we actually debated for a minute, as the pool villa wasn’t sea-facing versus the room we had paid for.

Luckily we came to our senses and graciously accepted the pool villa – I mean, I can’t believe we were actually considering not taking up the offer!

Capella Villa Pool
Lounge Deck

And that just made the staycation. The villa is huge, with a large, separate living room, bedroom and bathroom and outside, there is a dipping pool and a comfy lounge bed to relax on.

Capella Bedroom

The look is modern and yet, very inviting and warm. Makes you want to drink bubbly and Netflix the whole day away!

Capella Bathroom

It is worth it, though, to get away from your room to the tea lounge where a complimentary spread of sandwiches, biscuits and bites are presented, along with a selection of fine Gryphon tea. That’s where I discovered the Nymph of the Nile, which I enjoy every now and then (available at many supermarkets).

Anyway, the setting of the tea lounge is lovely, with pretty china tableware and you could definitely spend time cosying up with a good book in hand.

Tea Lounge
Tea Lounge

Breakfast was included as part of the villa stay, and we had it by our lounge deck. I don’t know if the menu remains the same from 2 years back, but we had a substantial brekkie to last us through to teatime.

Capella Breakfast

We didn’t spend too much time away from the villa but we did enjoy the evening walks around the grounds and on the beach. We even got to feed the resident peacocks!

Capella Peacock

Also, you can always head on to other restaurants and bars at Sentosa, and really get a feel of the beachy nightlife vibe.

If you really want to do a proper staycation, I cannot imagine any other place to do so at!

Address: 1 The Knolls | Sentosa Island

General Inquiries: +65 6377 8888

Reservations: +65 6591 5000

Capella Hotel Online Reservations


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