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Ollella and its pretty little choux bundles

This is probably one time I’d choose the choux over the shoe. I haven’t had much luck with choux pastry so when I heard there was a new kid on the Jalan Besar block, I just had to try.

Ollella, at Petain Road, has only 7 flavours (for now) for their pretty little choux bundles, but the attention to detail and flavour combinations is evident.

Whether it’s painstakingly placing apple morsels into the cream for the Apple Cinnamon choux or the stunningly-piped ribbons of Matcha Chantilly for the Matcha Azuki choux, I can really feel the love and effort put into each choux.

Ollella Apple Cinnamon
Apple Cinnamon

The pastry is baked fresh each morning, after which, an hour is spent decorating each little bombshell, so it’s a limited number for each day. If they run out, that’s pretty much it for the day.

Ollella Matcha

So best you check their social media feeds for choux updates – just in case you head there and all you see are the friendly smiles of the owners.

Ollella Tiramisu

Each choux is between $4-$5, but you can get a tasting platter of mini choux with all 7 flavours for $21. Frankly, I think you could just chow down an entire platter on your own, but if you want to share the platter, then you will have room for their much touted Kueh Lapis.

Based on their grandma’s recipe, these are made on their “day off” which is on Tuesdays, and you can place orders for whole cakes in advance. I found them pretty perfect – moist but not oily, good spice hit that sets it apart from the usual eggy, buttery, sweet stuff you find.

Back to the choux though. I’m a sucker for chocolate but here, I actually found the Apple Cinnamon and Lemon Meringue to be my favourites. What I love most about the choux is the “craqueline” pastry – the crunch is just what is needed to lift the choux to another level.

Ollella Lemon Meringue
Lemon Meringue

Specialty coffee courtesy of the Pourover Bar is available to keep your choux chomping company – exotic blends like Ethiopia Hachira and Panama Perci sit right alongside expensive brews like the Panama Lotus Solkin H2 Geisha at $45! Well, good thing I am not a coffee connoisseur – I can save my moolah for more choux!

Ollella Coffee


Address: 3 Petain Road, Residences@Somme #01-01, Singapore 208108

Contact: +65 9139 9871 or Email: chouquette@ollella.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ollella/

Opening Hours:

12pm-9pm (Closed Tuesdays)


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