Platypus Katong Pork Belly rice

Platypus Katong – great for drinks, food so-so

From the outside, it seems as though Platypus Katong has all the necessary elements to be a shoo-in for a great night out.

An open, inviting stretch facing East Coast Road, friendly staff and some super happy hour deals – we’re talking $6 for your 1st drink and $9 for selected beers and wines till 9pm –  and reasonable prices on the food menu makes me want to believe, but… well, I’m just going to call a spade a spade.

Platypus Katong is the kind of place you want to go to if 1) you’re in the neighbourhood 2) you’re really thirsty for happy hours 3) you just want to nosh for the sake of noshing, not because you’re looking for really good food.

Platypus Katong Happy Hour

Platypus Katong $6 drink

Platypus Katong Menu

Platypus Katong sets

The food – it’s not inedible, it’s just not all that great. I’ve been there twice and I think you’re better off having some of the bar bites like the Filo-wrapped Prawns ($9.90).

Platypus Katong Prawn rolls

The rice bowls sounded interesting, like the Braised Pork Belly ($12.90) and the Dirty Fried Rice ($12.90), both of which we tried on the 2 visits.

The braised pork belly dish is better than the fried rice. The pork belly was prepared just right, fat well-rendered resulting in a tender and juicy meat, and the addition of bacon crumble added a crispy element to the dish, since there was no crispy pork skin in sight.

Platypus Katong Pork Belly rice

The fried rice, however, was mushy – really, a rather lame attempt at nasi goreng. Sure the accompanying egg was cooked well, and the chicken wings fried to perfection but to get the rice wrong on a dish called Dirty Fried Rice? Hmm.

Platypus Katong Fried Rice

The Fish and Chips ($16.90) see a flaky white fish encased in a lovely, crisp, beer-battered shell. But that’s where my praise stops as the fries were a let down. They somehow tasted like cardboard, unfortunately. But hey, I guess that’s all the better to help your lo-carb diet with.

Platypus Katong Fish and CHips

Platypus Katong is Santa Grand Hotel’s onsite restaurant – so they serve a buffet breakfast and lunch too.

In short, I’d head there when my desire for a drink outshines my desire for a great meal, and of course, only if I happen to be around the neighbourhood.

Platypus Katong:

Address: 171 East Coast Road, Santa Grand Hotel East Coast

Contact: 6344 6866


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