Tasmania Pumphouse Point View Across

A peaceful stay at Pumphouse Point, Tasmania!

As the electronic gates opened, granting us access to the private grounds of Pumphouse Point, I couldn’t help but think that I was in for some major pampering.

And sure enough, upon arriving at the cosy reception room, we were immediately presented with flutes of bubbly while they checked us in.

Then a short buggy ride over to the Pumphouse rooms on the lake and we were there.

Tasmania Pumphouse Point reception bubbly
What a lovely bubbly welcome at Pumphouse Point!

Tasmania Pumphouse Point front with buggy pic

Tasmania Pumphouse Point bedroom

Tasmania Pumphouse Point Lounge Area View 1
The common area with the “Honesty Bar” to relax with a couple of drinks

For a second, I forgot about the fact that we had been out in the Tasmanian wilderness the past few days, and felt as though I had checked into some funky boutique hotel in a city somewhere.

Except that wasn’t so, of course. We were still in the Tasmanian wilderness. Not smack in the middle of the forest but smack on Australia’s deepest lake, Lake St Clair.

As part of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, the area is home to several hike trails as well.

Hike, did you say? I quickly threw that idea out of the window. Let’s get real. When you’ve got such a gorgeous room, with the most stylish bathroom ever, you’re gonna want to change out of your trekking clothes, scrub up and get all glammed up for dinner.

Nope? Okay, just me then. 🙂

By the way, I have to note that the bathroom’s shower curtain doesn’t close all the way. It only reaches far enough so that you have an uninterrupted view of the lake while you’re showering – lovely!

The room has an impressively stocked larder and fridge where you can purchase items from. Filled with various charcuterie and cheeses, you can take up their offer of complimentary baked-to-order sourdough loaf and make a snack to enjoy the view with.

Feeling uber-romantic, also because we had booked Pumphouse Point to celebrate our 11th anniversary, I wasn’t too thrilled when they told us dinner was a communal affair.

I mean, the room set me up to just want to have a romantic dinner with my hubby, so making small talk with strangers wasn’t sounding all that great to me.

But, I’ll eat my words. Because as it turns out, we had lots of fun chatting with fellow guests, hearing their adventures and exchanging advice.

And the food is really delicious too! We had creamed cauliflower, braised beef cheek, and a panna cotta for dessert.

Tasmania Pumphouse dining area

Tasmania Pumphouse Point Beef dinner

Tasmania Pumphouse Point J gazing out

Tasmania Pumphouse Point Wombat sighting
We spotted this greedy wombat during dinner but didn’t get too close as we didn’t want to disturb HIS dinner!

There’s no other place nearby for food, so your options are to do the above 3-course dinner for about $50/pax or to raid your room’s larder. 🙂

The next morning we woke up to gorgeous blue skies that were reflected on the calm sheen of the lake. Stepping out from our room, walking the “plank” across the lake to the dining area, I was already wondering when I would get a chance to stay at Pumphouse Point again!

Breakfast is a mini buffet with eggs, cheeses, cold cuts, breads, juices and coffee/tea. It is enough to fill you up for the day ahead.

Check out is early at 10am but you can leave your car at their car park while you go on some short walks.

Pumphouse Point signalled the end of (sort of) our Road Trip around Tasmania, and for a gal who doesn’t mind that little bit of luxury now and then, Pumphouse Point really was the perfect end for the trip!

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Tasmania Pumphouse Point morning reflection from room view
The view from our room on the lake

Tasmania Pumphouse Point arty sky shot

Tasmania Pumphouse Point View 2

Pumphouse Point

Address:  1 Lake St Clair Road, LAKE ST CLAIR TAS 7140

Website: http://www.pumphousepoint.com.au/


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