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Red Eye Smokehouse – succulently smoky meats

Red Eye Smokehouse FrontThere we were, minding our own beeswax, when a meat craving hit us like a boulder to the belly. So after some frantic searching online, we decided to head on to Red Eye Smokehouse, a new smoke shack along Jalan Besar.

UPDATE: Camp Kilo just opened at Kampong Bugis, so we’ve got another great option to run to whenever a BBQ craving hits us now!

The setup is simple and inviting – you’re immediately directed to the canteen-style display where the choices for the day are piled up for you to see. The menu revolves around various meats like Beef Brisket, Sri Racha Chicken Wings, Sausages, Baby Back Ribs and so on. And the dedication to freshly made is obvious, because at any one time, you will see different items on display. So if you are hankering for something in particular, you might want to check in advance before you go.

So on to the food – the highlight to me is the Beef Brisket. So tender, you don’t need a knife, crispy caramelization of the fat and an appealing charred hunk of meat will be what you get. And if you’re iffy about fat like me, you can ask for the leaner part of the brisket, though upon tasting the fattier part, I think I was converted.

RedEye Smokehouse platter

As for the Beef Short Ribs – yum again! Even better with either of the two sauces on the side, the Smoky Chipotle or the Sweet and Tangy.

Red Eye Smokehouse Beef Brisket Beef Short Ribs

Accompanying the meats are a variety of southern sides – like Cornbread, Mac and Cheese, BBQ Beans, all of which are charged at $8 for a relatively large portion. In fact, I found that ordering just three sides is too much for a party of two. Absolutely scrumptious as they all are, the meats are the focus here, and you want to ensure you have enough room in that belly for the beast.

They had brownies for dessert when we were there but we were just too stuffed to try.

Red Eye Smokehouse Sides Dessert

There’s a decent selection of beers, draft or craft and happy hour prices are from 5-8pm.

As the meats are charged by weight, do take a stock take once in a while, even as you keep heading to the counter to order more – it all adds up. That said, for the succulent smokiness of it all, I would say, definitely worth it!

Red Eye Smokehouse:

Address:1 Cavan Road, Singapore 209842

Contact: (65) 6291 0218


Opening Hours:

5:00 pm – 10:30 pm
12:00 pm – 10:30 pm
12:00 pm – 9:00 pm

No reservations, walk-in only, 1st-come, 1st-served till sold out.


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