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Ryo Sushi – Affordable, drool-worthy omakase!

We were recommended Ryo Sushi by our Japanese-food-loving friends, so had our dinner date there last Friday.

First off, bookings are essential. There are only nine seats, and three seatings – 6pm, 7.30pm and 9pm. The chef owner himself will call you to confirm the booking, so you can tell, he runs quite a tight ship indeed.

Ryo Sushi is located among the plethora of Japanese restaurants in the Tras Street area. Specifically, at Orchid Hotel on Tras Link.

Ryo Sushi entrance

Ryo Sushi interior

We were the first to arrive at the stark, rather scandi-looking restaurant – the clean whites of the tiles seemingly incongruous to what one might normally expect of a Japanese sushi bar.

I quite liked it though. Made the experience all the more modern.

The menu at Ryo Sushi features primarily omakase sets, though you can order a couple of items ala carte to add on.

Prices range from $38 (15-course, with 9 pieces of sushi), $68 (18-course, with 12 pieces of sushi) and $98 (18-course, 12 pieces of sushi and a sea urchin menu).

Ryo sushi omakase menu

We chose the $68 menu as we were told it wasn’t just 3 additional pieces of sushi but rather, this set included more premium cuts overall.

Which I observed to be true, comparing what the couple next to me had.

You start with some edamame and hijiki seaweed to snack on while awaiting the arrival of the Truffle Onsen Egg. Well, top anything off with ikura and I’m a happy chick.

Ryo Sushi seaweed

Ryo Sushi onsen egg

Next up, sushi action commences. Always love the way sushi chefs slap around the vinegared rice between their palms and tada…A perfectly formed rice rectangle upon which to drape a sliver of fresh fish.

Forgetting for a second that I needed to take pictures, I gobbled up the 1st two pieces that appeared in front of me. Too bad, because those two were an excellent start to the evening!

The first piece was seabream jazzed up with truffle shoyu – loved the hint of truffle. Next up, a citrusy (and spicy) dressing for the shima aji (striped horse mackeral) – another winner.

And then, a variety of sushi follows, including the indulgent and buttery chutoro (medium fatty tuna belly) and ootoro (fatty tuna belly). I also relished the ebi (shrimp) and hotate (scallop) – both so sweet!

Ryo sushi fatty tuna


Ryo Sushi prawn

Ryo Sushi scallop

I love aburi (torched) sushi too, and Ryo Sushi serves up aburi salmon with shoyu foam – I could definitely taste the charred taste of the salmon.

Other highlights included a shoyu-soaked tuna sushi and a crab handroll.

Ryo sushi salmon

Ryo sushi tuna

Ryo sushi ikura

Ryo sushi tuna roll

One thing I will say about Ryo Sushi is that they are very generous with their ikura. Whether to dress up the sushi, onsen egg or just on its own, lots of bright orange baubles abound!

Then there’s the cutest chirashi bowl I had ever seen – seemingly small, but will fill you up just right. This is where I also noticed that the $68 menu’s chirashi bowl had different ingredients to the $38 one. I can’t quite tell you what as I didn’t want to peer rudely at the couple next to me, but at a glance, I could see premium ebi, tuna and more ikura on mine.

Ryo sushi chirashi bowl

Ryo sushi miso

Ryo Sushi serves a lunch menu too, and has an opening special featuring a 10-course sushi menu for just $18. It’s limited to the 1st 18 customers for the day though, and may not be around for the long run since it’s an opening special.

Ryo sushi lunch menu

So yes, if you’re looking for a reasonably priced omakase set, Ryo Sushi is definitely one to consider. I don’t think you can find many places serving this standard of quality for this price but please let me know if you do!

Ryo Sushi:

Address: 1 Tras Link #01-06 Orchid Hotel

Contact: +65 6443 3463

Opening Hours:

12pm-3pm, 6pm- 11pm

Closed on Sundays



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