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{Closed} Salted & Hung – Cured, Smoked, Fermented, you name it, you got it!

{UPDATED 25 September}

Tried Salted & Hung’s lunch set the other day, and was very pleased! As I was making use of a Chope promotion, it was only $25 for a 3-course set, but even without the promotion, and at a $35 for a 3-course lunch, I would say lunch at Salted & Hung is very worth it.

Plating is gorgeous as always and portions very decent indeed. Here are some highlights:

Salted Hung Hamachi and Meatballs
Appetizers of Meatballs and Hamachi – The meatballs were decadently rich, while the hamachi was light and refreshing
Salted Hung Duck Ragu Pasta
Duck Ragu with homemade Tagliatelle
Salted Hung Risotto
Grilled Prawn Risotto – the rice was perfectly al dente and rich with prawn oil
Salted Hung Short Rib
Tasty and Tender Beef Short Ribs – my friend ordered this and I might just want to go back there just to have this for myself!
Salted Hung Corn Raspberry Dessert
Popcorn – didn’t sound exciting on the menu but the corn and raspberry dish turned out to be our favourite!
Salted Hung Pineapple Dessert
Pineapple with Coconut sorbet and Pistachio Brittle for extra crunch

{Original Post 18 July}

So I went into study mode upon being presented with the menu at Salted & Hung. The structured in me took over as I tried to see patterns amongst the various classifications by which the menu is organized.

  • Smoked, Brined, Cured
  • Fermented, Fried, Braised
  • Grilled, Seared, Charred
  • Frozen, Churned, Baked

Salted & Hung Menu

But, I gave up soon enough. I mean, why ponder over such things when delectable-sounding items like Kangaroo with pickled beetroot, blood orange crème and juniper crumbs were jumping off the menu at you?

As it was a party of four, we ordered a fair bit, so I managed to get a good sense of what Salted & Hung has to offer.

There’s a good mix across fish and meat dishes, so unlike the impression given by its predecessor, the now-defunct 5th Quarter, which focused on “interesting” parts of the slaughtered animal (think tongue and tripe), Salted & Hung is a lot more accessible for those less adventurous amongst us.

That vibrant, coral-hued Ocean Trout ($18), cured in macadamia nut milk, served with dollops of avocado and drops of pomelo was amongst my favourites.

Salted & Hung Trout

Another refreshing dish was the Scallop ($20). Wobbly slivers of sweet scallop are made even more zingy with pickled cucumber yuzu and fermented cauliflower.

Salted & Hung Scallop

Contrasting that zesty lightness was the Mackerel ($18) – all smoky and dark, it had additional attitude thanks to the horseradish crème, nori and radish.

Salted & Hung Mackerel

Now, I love my uni (sea urchin) but I’ve had quite a few bleah versions where it’s not fresh and the taste is like rotting intestines left at the bottom of the ocean.

(Of course, I have never tasted rotting intestines left at the bottom of the ocean, but I’m imagining that might be a good description for it!)

Well, luckily the creamy uni served atop the Crab ($23) and asparagus, was fresh and tasted nutty, briny, with a tinge of sweetness. Which complemented that sweet crab meat perfectly.

Salted & Hung Crab

Interestingly enough, the four of us, clearly wusses in the art of eating adventurously, didn’t order any tongue or tripe and the closest we got to being audacious was the Kangaroo ($18).

(I guess that’s also because I was dining with a couple of pescetarian hipsters.)

Well, all the more for hubby and I, and we’ve had kangaroo before (in Australia) and know the best way to have it, is rare or medium rare. Thankfully, Aussie-Italian chef Drew Nocente, was a master of cooking the roo, and we had a lovely dish, chunks of kangaroo tartare enhanced with a blood orange crème and picked beetroot.

Salted & Hung Kangaroo

I love Lamb ($35) and despite the protestations of the hipsters, we went ahead to order it and were rewarded with another star dish of the night. Just look at those rosy pink insides of the tender cubes of perfectly seared lamb! Served with pistachio paste, smoked eggplant, raw carrots and cabbage shoots, it was my favourite dish of the night.

Salted & Hung Lamb

Now, we were recommended the Chef’s selection of Charcuterie ($28), but unless you’re really craving for charcuterie, save your moolah for other dishes. Nothing terrible about the plate, but I just think that there are many other more exciting dishes up for grabs. Best part was the oxtail rillette.

Salted & Hung Charcuterie

Accompanying all these were our 2 veggie dishes. I loved the smooth, creamy Black Mash ($10), which is squid ink potato mash, but opinions differed across the table.

Salted & Hung Black Mash
Black Mash and Lamb

Conversely, the hipsters loved the Cauliflower ($14) with burnt butter tahini and piccalilli, but I didn’t care too much for it.

(I instinctively stay away from any hipster trends and well, with cauliflower being hailed as the kale of 2016, no thanks!)

Salted & Hung Cauliflower

On to desserts. I enjoyed the Peanut Butter Tim Tams ($16) the most. Loved the little dollops of peanut butter ganache and the bergamot gel – it was a fun dish to eat.

Salted & Hung Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter Tim Tams

The Chocolate Salami ($16), too, was good but hey, give me salted caramel and chocolate, and I’m a happy camper. I guess the apricot puree added a nice touch to the dish too.

Salted & Hung Chocolate
Chocolate Salami

Finally, the rather quirky looking Pineapple ($10) dessert – interesting to have the crisp fennel, but that was probably appreciated more from a visual perspective. Taste-wise, it was a “pina colada” coconut and pineapple combo, with a smoky twist to the pineapple.

Salted & Hung Pineapple

Overall, even though Salted & Hung promotes the sharing of small plates way of dining, I honestly feel you’re better off hoarding the dishes that you think you’d like for yourself. Somehow, by the time everyone gets a spoonful of the small plates, you just don’t get the feeling like you’ve thoroughly enjoyed your dish.

But that’s just a matter of how you order. There are many winners at Salted & Hung and I’ll be sure to make my way there again, soon! Especially to grab some dinner over Happy Hours!

Salted & Hung Happy Hour
Salted & Hung Happy Hour

Salted & Hung:

Address: 12 Purvis Street, 188591

Contact: +65 6358 3130 or


Opening Hours:


Lunch: 12pm – 2:30pm (Last Order at 2pm)

Dinner: 6pm – 10:30pm (Last order at 10pm)


Dinner: 6pm – 10:30pm (Last order at 10pm)



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    1. Awesome! I am going again this week, since I had serious food envy over my friend’s beef short ribs, this time i want it for myself!

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