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Shri Restaurant – good prata place in the East!

Aha! Finally, The Diva Eats Prata has a post about…prata.

Can’t blame me. I’m fussy about that stretchy, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside piece of dough and, most times, repeat visits to some “classics” in the good old East of Singapore garner different results.

Springleaf? Too crispy. Crane Road? Too oily. Duku Road? Hit or miss.

But now, finally, I have found a place that I’ve been to a couple of times, and not been disappointed by. It’s Shri Restaurant along Tanjong Katong Road.

Shri Restaurant Entrance

Shri Restaurant Interior

Shri Restaurant has just the kind of prata I look for. Freshly made (not a given elsewhere, I assure you), crispy skin with just the right stretchy dough beneath and a decent fish curry to go along with it.

Not to mention, the teh tarik is pretty good too. Not sickeningly sweet but just right.

Shri Restaurant plain prata

I had the Egg prata and Cheese prata and both were good too – but I preferred the Egg + Cheese in one option, because the Cheese alone gets a bit gummyish bland (if you can imagine what I am talking about) after a few bites. So try the combo, instead. Or just do the Egg – it’s good.

Shri Restaurant Prata Menu

Shri Restaurant Other Menu

I decided to tapao the “biryani” for lunch, and as you can see, it’s one massive portion that’s easily shared between two.

Shri Restaurant Biryani

Shri Restaurant Biryani plated

By the way, “biryani” because I am a biryani fiend and I don’t like the word being recklessly bandied about. To me, real biryani isn’t rice cooked separately, with meat just added on top. (My biryani fetish is going to be another post, oh, am I working on that one!)

Still, the “biryani” at Shri Restaurant was good! The rice perfumed with the aroma of classic spices for biryani and the chicken with its masala was more than enough that you didn’t need any extra curry for the rice.

That’s another pet peeve – good biryani doesn’t need a side of curry, peeps! If your rice is flavourful enough, that’s all you need.

Anyway, looks like Shri Restaurant could just be our new regular place for our prata fix. Let’s just hope the standard stays!

Shri Restaurant:

Address: 246 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437034

Contact: 62540268 or


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