The 2016 Masala Guide V2

Singapore Best Restaurants 2016 – The Masala Guide!

This is the aunty-approved Singapore Best Restaurants 2016 food guide – The Masala Guide!

I thought of writing a listicle so that Santa Google would gift me with a million hits, but decided against it. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of Singapore Best Restaurants 2016 type of articles being published so I thought, why not round the year off by featuring my top dining experiences of 2016 and have a little fun with it at the same time?

As a former food critic for Tatler’s Best Restaurants Guide and Wine & Dine’s Top Restaurants Guide, I’m used to assessing restaurants on the usual factors like quality of ingredients, taste, ambience, service and wine list.

But I’d rather just look at three simple things when figuring out whether a restaurant is recommendation-worthy.

  • the passion of the chefs/owners
  • the creativity behind the dishes
  • the taste

And so, the Masala Guide was formed. True to its monicker, I only feature places/dishes that my flavour-bombing mouth craves for. So no subtle, spice-less, soul-less dishes here!

I use stars. Not just any stars but Star Anises. 🙂 No need for explanation on what each rating means, obviously the more star anises a place has, the more intensely it has met my three criteria.

The headings may be tongue-in-cheek but the intent is serious – these are the places that delivered on passion, creativity and taste. So let’s start.

Best Place to Marvin Gaye and Get It On (for the ladies):

Corner House

Masala Guide One Star AniseMasala Guide One Star AniseMasala Guide One Star Anise


Come on… a bungalow in the beautiful Botanic Gardens and a chef whipping up “gastro-botanica” plates like these? Bring your date there and watch her swoon. 🙂

By the way, I have a “male” version of this listing but it’s all the way at the bottom of the post as it didn’t get any star anises from me!

Corner House Kaya toast dessert
Corner House’s interpretation of Kaya Toast

Best Non-Michelin-Starred Restaurant:

Tippling Club

Masala Guide One Star AniseMasala Guide One Star AniseMasala Guide One Star Anise


Michelin, schmichelin. Who cares! When you’ve got Duran Duran as the soundtrack to a cracker of a meal with a rocker of a head chef… who cares that the Tippling Club didn’t get a star. You still get my star anise. 🙂

Tippling Club Scallops
Scallops in Purple Garlic Soup at Tippling Club

Most Memorable Dinner:


Masala Guide One Star AniseMasala Guide One Star Anise


Perhaps it was the fact that it was New Year’s Day and our 1st meal of the year. But more likely, it probably was Chef LG Han’s innovative approach to reinventing Singapore’s favourite dishes that impressed me.

Think Chilli Crab, with an ice cream posing as the chilli. Or xiao long bao that really is a gorgeous chendol/gula melaka dessert. And you get the picture.

Labyrinth Chili Crab
Labyrinth’s interpretation of Chilli Crab

Best Curiosity-Arousing Experience

Salted & Hung

Masala Guide One Star AniseMasala Guide One Star Anise


Although I might be tempted to suggest Tippling Club instead, Salted & Hung wins out for me because it’s a great combination of quirkiness and value for money (VFM). That VFM factor is very important to me.

So, I’m happy that Salted & Hung arrived to tease our tastebuds with dishes like kangaroo tartare with blood orange crème and this unctuous uni and crab combo!

Salted & Hung Crab
Uni and Crab at Salted & Hung

Best Place to Bring Your Swedish Friends to:


Masala Guide One Star AniseMasala Guide One Star Anise


Or any other visiting friends for that matter. Not only are you showing off a local boy’s cooking, it’s also showing off how creative our chefs can be with our local cuisine.

Candlenut dessert
Buah Keluak Ice Cream at Candlenut

Best Tai Tai Wannabe Lunch:

Rhubarb Le Restaurant

Masala Guide One Star AniseMasala Guide One Star Anise


Fantastic french at this stalwart – the soothing ambience and delish dishes make this a perfect place to have some bubbly and enjoy a long lunch with your ladies who lunch.

Rhubarb Prawn Tartare
Prawn Tartare at Rhubarb Le Restaurant

Best Singapore Restaurant Week Dinner:


Masala Guide One Star AniseMasala Guide One Star Anise


This French restaurant already serves up very good set lunches, and I have to say, I was very happy that they kept their standards up for the Restaurant Week. You know how some places serve substandard sets during the Week? Well, OCF did not stinge. I still remember that amazing dessert I had!

Update 19 Dec: OCF has just informed me that they are closed for renovations till further notice. Well, hopefully they open again soon!

OCF dessert
Berry dessert at OCF

Best Brunch Buffet:


Masala Guide One Star AniseMasala Guide One Star Anise


My go to for celebratory champagne-fuelled Sunday mornings. Less and less these days as my aging tummy cannot handle too much eating and drinking.

Anyway, this is the place to go to if you like quality over quantity.

Capella brunch

Best Spanish:


Masala Guide One Star AniseMasala Guide One Star Anise


Spanish chefs in Singapore say this is the best Spanish in Singapore. Say that twenty times.

That squid-ink paella? To Die For. So good, I must have forgotten to take a good picture.

Best Indian:

Punjab Grill

Masala Guide One Star AniseMasala Guide One Star Anise


Even my mother and her 5 fussy sisters said so. Yes, they are indian. Enough said.

Punjab Grill Kebabs 3
Kebabs at Punjab Grill

Best Birthday Meal with the Oldies:

National Kitchen

Masala Guide One Star Anise


Well, unless your 70-year-old parents are into fine dining degustation, then by all means, head to the other The Kitchen (at Bacchanalia – featured below).

Otherwise, give them a blast to the past at the National Gallery where they can reminisce about their 20km daily walk to and from school while eating ice balls. And host your dinner at the suitably heritage-hued National Kitchen where they can complain about the price of fish head curry.

National Kitchen Kuay Pie Tee
Kueh Pie Tee at National Kitchen

Best Place to Break Bread:

The Kitchen at Bacchanalia

Masala Guide One Star Anise


No, no, this isn’t just about fulfilling your gluten dreams. The Kitchen at Bacchanalia delivers on creativity and fabulous flavour combinations. It even made something so bloody boring like carrots taste so good.

The Kitchen Bacchanalia Carrots
Carrots with hummus and dukkah

Best Bistro in Da Hood:

South Union Park

Masala Guide One Star Anise


I can honestly say that no one I have ever recommended to dine at this little bistro in sleepy Kembangan has come out disappointed. Chef Terence’s (ex-Mugaritz, guys) dedication to perfecting each dish before it appears on the menu means that diners can be guaranteed a good meal, no matter which dish they try.

And all at amazingly reasonable prices.

South Union Park Mussels
Mussels in Chorizo broth at South Union Park

Best Secret Lunch Hideaway:

Lewin Terrace

Masala Guide One Star Anise


If you’d like to whisk your special someone to a secluded, leafy enclave, then Lewin Terrace is your go-to place. Escape the hustle of the city and indulge in some delicious Japanese-French fare.

Lewin Terrace Vegetable Jelly
Summer Vegetable jelly at Lewin Terrace

Best Secret Hideaway (this time, in the CBD):

Maggie Joan’s

Masala Guide One Star Anise

The folks behind Moosehead named this very modern, inventive restaurant after their grandmas. Hmm, well, they must have been a couple of very cool grandmas to inspire interesting pairings like fermented peach, thai basil and burrata!

Maggie Joan Goat Cheese Parfait
Goat’s Cheese Parfait at Maggie Joan’s

Best Italian:

La Cantina

Masala Guide One Star Anise


Luscious chunks of crabmeat in a creamy tomato based sauce – this place serves the best crabmeat pasta in Singapore. Plus, its secluded location in sleepy Changi Village Hotel makes it a nice getaway for a long, enjoyable Italian meal. Best seats are outside, overlooking the sea and the sunset.

La Cantina Sunset


Other Notable Mentions:

Best Place to Marvin Gaye and Get It On (for the guys):

Camp Kilo Charcoal Club

Not a garden. Not a bungalow. No fancy schmancy terms like “gastro-botanica”. Just good ole pig on a stick. With decently priced beer to boot. Your boy will be happy.

Camp Kilo Whole Pig

Best Newbie in the CBD:

Cheek By Jowl

Damn those CBD peeps with their endless choice of lunchtime venues. Says the writer who slums it out in the industrial estates of the east.

Well, fortunate they are indeed, that CBD lot, to have Cheek By Jowl in their hood. Again, creativity and a dedication to flavour is what impresses me about the food here.

Cheek By Jowl Beetroot
Beetroot and Goat’s Cheese at Cheek by Jowl

Best Seafood Find:


Maybe I should categorise this under the Marvin Gaye section. After all, with all the oysters you will eat here? But in all seriousness, the bi-valves here are of the highest quality. The mostly seafood-based menu also shows creativity and great execution.

Humpback full oysters

Another Best Seafood Find:

NUDE Seafood

Here is another restaurant bursting with its owner and chef’s pride about the work they do. I mean, the passion is palpable! The food is really good too. You’ll be surprised how many places can muck up a perfect little fillet, but the folks at NUDE know their stuff!

Oh, and great value-for-money too.

Nude Seafood Snapper
Grilled Red Snapper at NUDE Seafood

Best for Cheap and Good Tapas:

El Tardeo

For once, you don’t have to run off to eat prata after a tapas meal. You don’t have to order 20 dishes to feel full either. So yeah, cheap and good.

El Tardeo Squid Ink Paella

Best Under-rated Tapas Bar:


We know all the usual suspects. FOC, Esquina etc. But it’s always great to find hidden gems, especially when they are located on a street called Gemmill Lane 🙂

Seriously though, I was pleasantly surprised by this unassuming place and I would recommend this little joint for a tapas crawl sesh.

Delicacy Tapas

Best “From Atas to Accessible” Izakaya:


Where once it was all pricey izakaya grub, they’ve now come down to our plebeian levels and shock of shocks, offer American-style sushi! But hey, that’s the most fun kind of sushi, no? They’ve still got the fancy stuff though, and I love this crazy mess of a gourmet sushi featuring uni, crab, ikura and negitoro. Do not eat this if you’re on a first date!

IZY nokke roll
IZY nokke roll

Best for a Mid-week Meal and a Drink:

Mo’mor Izakaya

With generous happy hours, you might be tempted to just come here for a drink. But the food menu is rather brilliant and I still dream of those juicy, pink lamb chops I had there. Innovative cuisine as well, so my vote to perk you up mid-week!

Momor Yuzu Sabayon
Yuzu Sabayon at Mo’mor Izakaya

Best Friend’s Restaurant:


Okay, okay, he isn’t my BEST friend but he is a friend and he is the friend who owns the best restaurant, amongst all my friends, get it?

Wham, spam, thank you ma’am – those sweet potato fries of his are fabulous!

Tanuki Raw Wham Fries

Best Place for a Pork Belly:

Italian Osteria:

So crackling, my hubby could play a drum solo on it – was how I described this in my original blog post. It even converted a non-pork-belly eater like myself to try some!

Italian Osteria Pork Belly

Best Hidden Café:


Damn those CBD folks again! I’d be grabbing a cuppa here every day if I worked in the CBD. Coffee is good, ambience is awesome.

Gemmills Sofa area

Prettiest Cafe:

Stamping Ground Coffee

Well, it’s a floral boutique and a cafe in one – so just stepping in will make you feel all purdy. And with the range of coffees, whether espresso-based, syphon or nitrogen-infused cold brews, you know these folks are serious about their java!

Stamping Ground Coffee Interior 2

Best Ice Cream Shop:

Birds of Paradise

No garish neon-coloured tubs of cream here, guys. Those natural pastel colours should convince you that you can eat Birds of Paradise’s ice cream every day and be healthy.

Well, I had to feature this place, naturally. After all, how could I not when they serve a “star anise” flavoured pear ice cream?! 😉

Birds of Paradise Featured

Best Cheap Indian:


My first (and only) prata post on a blog named The Diva Eats Prata. Try Shri’s prata and you will see why. Also, they’re not bad for the other (real Indian) food as well – like thosai and chicken curry.

Shri Restaurant plain prata

And Finally, Best Place to Slip into a Food Coma:

Samy’s at Dempsey

This age-old favourite piles on the curry as much as it packs in the flavour and its chicken masala, fish head curry and mysore mutton is the classic coma-inducing combo for any diner!

Samy curry

And there you have it! My Singapore Best Restaurants 2016 experiences. Hope it gives you some ideas on where to round the year off at and here’s to another year of gluttony!!

Happy New Year!

*Star Anise icon is created by emilegraphics from the Noun Project.

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