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Soufflé, soufflé, all the way.

The one thing I didn’t get a chance to eat on my recent foodie adventure to Provence and Burgundy was a soufflé.

And I was reminded of that by the constant infiltration of pictures of fluffy, tall soufflés blowing up my IG, with enticing names such as Lobster and Laksa.

So yes, a visit to Soufflé at Duxton Hill was planned. It was also to catch up with a good friend of mine who is vegetarian and Soufflé offered up a fair share of veg versions.

A Breath of Fresh Air.

Souffle Interior 2
Souffle Interior

Taking over the space formerly occupied by Sabio Tapas Bar, the setting is all cool blues and light. Very soothing and très chic. I’m thinking a visit over brunch would be lovely too.

Now, don’t let the thought of eating only soufflés worry you. The menu features French appetizers and mains such as Escargot, Bouillabaisse and Boeuf Bourguignon, so no fear of feeling like you just walked out of a restaurant with just eggs and air in your tummy.

Me? I was focused – I knew I wanted the Lobster soufflé, then the Chocolate soufflé for dessert. But I added on the Escargots ($18) to start. A good choice. None of the tough, small pieces of snails I get at some other places. Plump morsels in a parsley oil – again, a well-concocted oil, redolent with the fresh taste of parsley.

Souffle Escargot

It is possible to eat FIVE soufflés at one go.

My friend ordered the Soufflé Tasting Flight ($32) – Comté , Roquefort and Truffle Mushroom.

Souffle cover image

Excuse the sorry-looking deflated trio in the picture, but that’s because I had to wait just a couple minutes more for my lobster soufflé so that I could get an all-in-one pic. And as you know, it doesn’t take much for a soufflé to collapse.

He seemed to enjoy the stronger tasting Roquefort the most, but he also said that overall, the trio was rich and tasty.

Souffle Lobster
Souffle Lobster 2

As for my Lobster Soufflé ($28), I enjoyed it thoroughly. The soufflé was fluffy and light, which is why I appreciated the heavy Lobster Bisque that accompanied it. The bisque was really intense and the best way to eat this dish is to drown the soufflé in it. Just like how I drown my prata in curry.

I like that the soup had chunks of sweet lobster and the soufflé was topped a Boston lobster claw.

How high can you go?

Now, soufflé being soufflé, it’s airy and light and you pretty much feel like you can still handle a dessert or two.

Souffle Speculoos and Chocolate 2

Sticking with soufflé, we ordered the Valrhona Chocolate and the Speculoos, $18 each. I preferred the brilliant chocolate version. It really was so rich and dark, and chocolate craving, checked.

The bill came up to $193, with all the food above and 3 wines and a beer. A bit on the high side, considering you don’t walk away feeling super indulgent. I don’t know how long the Chope offer I used will last, but I bought vouchers for 50% off so essentially ended up paying half price for the meal. A very good deal, check it out on Chope.

Regardless of the deal, I would gladly return to try out the main courses the next time. And of course, the Grand Marnier soufflé!


Address: 5 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089591

Contact: 6690 7562,


Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat: 12-3pm, 6pm-10:30pm

Sun: 11am-10pm

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