The Durian Bakery MSW Chocolate Cake

The Durian Bakery – Delicious Durian Desserts!

Durian and Chocolate? That was an intriguing enough proposition for me to accept The Durian Bakery’s offer of sending me their durian-based desserts to try.

After all, I look forward to durian season every year and as for chocolate, well, I bleed it.

Says the girl who has been eating Nutella on toast since she was a child, every, single, day.

Back to The Durian Bakery and the media drop. I’ll be frank and say that I’d rather eat durian in its original form, preferring to concentrate all my calories that way, instead of spreading it out with unnecessary sugars and flours.

But I don’t mind the occasional durian-based dessert. This time, I had quite a few options on hand.

First off, the tempting concoction of the Dark Chocolate Drip Fudge Cake with Mao Shan Wong Core. It’s a 6-inch cake, but with how rich it is, you can easily satisfy 12 people, I believe.

The Durian Bakery MSW Chocolate Cake Bday
MSW Chocolate Cake Bday
The Durian Bakery MSW Chocolate Cake

My birthday is in March, so I took the chance to dress up the cake with the complimentary birthday topping and candles (the number of candles shown do not reflect my age, by the way).

As strange as the dark chocolate and MSW durian combo may seem, I think it has its own charm. I say this only because durian purists would probably not appreciate the dark and slightly salty chocolate fudge invading the king of fruit’s space and chocolate purists will be not-too-thrilled with the durian overpowering everything.

For me though, I was perfectly fine with the combo, albeit in smaller portions, which is a good thing because we kept the cake for days in the fridge and it still tasted good 5 days later.

The Durian Bakery and its Boxful of Joy:

The Durian Bakery also sent me their Signature Durian Dessert Box comprising the items below:

Aptly named the Super Burst MSW Giant Puff, that’s exactly what these are.

The Durian Bakery choux puff 3
choux puff
The Durian Bakery choux puff 2

They came frozen, so after waiting about an hour, because I really wanted the durian flesh to be creamy smooth, I chomped down into one.

It was mouthful after mouthful of durian, indeed. Even my durian-loving but very reserved mother-in-law said so.

The Durian Bakery mochi 2

Likewise, the Snowy D24 durian mochi – again, pop it in and feel the durian. Personally, I do not like mochi, but my husband seemed to enjoy all 6 pieces that were sent to us.

The Durian Bakery MSW Mousse
The Durian Bakery MSW Mousse 2

I’ll save the best for last. Yet another chocolate and durian combo, but the Dark Choco Musang King Mousse was my preferred version. I think I liked the balance of chocolate and durian better here, as essentially, it was a silky and light durian mousse, with a thin dark chocolate shell. And I adore any cake that comes with a crunchy hazelnut feuilletine base.

The Durian Bakery is having a sale now, so head on to their website to check it out!

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