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Top 9 Experiences in Tasmania!

So I’ve just got back from an amazing trip to Tasmania, and have stories coming out of my ears I want to write about.

But in true quickfire fashion, I thought I’d fire off my top memories from the trip while I am still (literally) dreaming about them.

I will say that my trip was too short for me to have covered the best of Tassie but you know what I always say – save something for the next trip.

And we are seriously considering a revisit early next year, that’s how much we have fallen in love with Tasmania!

Anyway, here it is – My Top 9 Experiences in Tasmania:

9. Dine at one of Hobart’s finest – Franklin.

Located in what used to be an old Ford showroom, this industrial chic space with an open kitchen boasting a 10-tonne Scotch oven and every other contraption you can imagine, utilises unique native ingredients with the freshest produce to come up with some exciting fare.

You’ll find a stripey trumpeter hanging out with “exotic” ingredients like saltbush, vetch, celtuce and kunzea.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand half the menu. We didn’t, but we certainly loved the food at Franklin!

Tasmania Baked Polenta Franklin Hobart

Tasmania Appetizers at Franklin Hobart

Tasmania Interior of Franklin Hobart

8. Get your fresh vibe on at Salamanca Market.

Plan such that you end up in Hobart on a Saturday for this weekly occurrence.

The market is where you can find goodies being sold to you directly from the farmer, harvester, apiarist, distiller etc!

These honey pots we bought? Pure, unheated goodness – straight from the hive to the jar. The most natural stuff you will ever find and absolutely delicious on warm toast!

Tasmania Salamanca Honey

Tasmania Salamanca Hotdogs

Tasmania Salamanca Whisky

7. Stimulate your senses at MONA.

From the moment you step into the funkiest ferry terminal ever to board the funkiest ferry over to the funkiest museum in the whole world – well, yeah you get the point.

MONA’s permanent collection is already eclectic and as they proudly proclaim, all about sex and death. And their special exhibits are equally riveting. I found myself learning quite a lot with their big “O” ipod, dishing out advice on each piece of art.

And if you’re like me, and your brain can only handle two good hours of artistic stimulation, you might want to start imbibing at the bar or taste some wines at their onsite winery – Moorilla.

Tasmania MONA Bar

Tasmania MONA Car exhibit
A metaphor for Society’s Greed?
Tasmania MONA Bike Deer exhibit
Two smitten deers – my favourite installation at MONA

6. Gaze over Wineglass Bay.

Speaking of wine, you can’t not visit a place called Wineglass Bay, right?

Well, lest you think it’s called that because of its shape, nope. It’s because that’s the bay where the blood of slaughtered whales flowed into when whaling was practiced in Tasmania.

So, it’s the whole blood and wine connection, get it? Whatever. It looks so pretty, especially on a clear day!

By the way, consider a stay at Swansea if you’re heading to Freycinet. It’s a charming seaside town with fabulous little motels like Freycinet Waters.

Tasmania Wineglass Bay 2

Tasmania Wineglass Bay 1

Tasmania Swansea Bark Mill Tavern
Bark Mill Tavern at Swansea

5. Lose yourself in Tassie’s largest national park – Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair.

Pretty much stretching down the length of Tasmania, this World Wilderness Heritage Area listed park is one of the most popular parks in Tassie and a couple of days could be spent bushwalking here. Discover glacial lakes, temperate rainforests, endemic flora and fauna and the occasional wallaby or two.

If you’re more adventurous, you can try the multi-day 65 km-long Overland Track that leads you down to Lake St Clair. I’m not, so I lived that adventure vicariously by eavesdropping on two girls who had just completed their 6-day trek at this remote alpine area. They spoke about experiencing everything – snow, hail, rain, sun, winds. Wow.

Tasmania Cradle Mountain 1
View of Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake

Tasmania Cradle Mountain 3

Tasmania Cradle Mountain Waterfall

4. Marvel Bruny Island’s The Neck. And eat oysters and cheese while you’re at it.

Bruny Island is a food lover and adventure-seeker’s 2-in-1 dream. Not only can you get a thrilling ride out into the tip of the Southern Ocean (see below point), you can fill up on oysters, cheese, chocolates, wines, whiskeys, ciders before you do so.

That said, I wouldn’t recommend eating so much before the crazy boat ride below!

As you explore Bruny Island, you will drive on the narrow strip of land that connects North and South Bruny Island. This isthmus is also the most popular natural feature at Bruny Island and a short climb up rewards you with a vantage viewpoint of the island.

Tasmania The Neck Bruny Island

Tasmania Bruny Island Cheese

Tasmania Bruny Island Beer

3. Hike along Mt Fields and visit Tassie’s prettiest waterfall – Russell Falls.

You’ll see some of the world’s tallest trees amongst massive ferns as you walk towards Mt Field’s big attraction – Russell Falls.

Now, I have seen my fair share of beautiful waterfalls (cue Iceland), but this one takes the cake. Stacked like a watery wedding cake, surrounded by lush verdant greens, this is my favourite waterfall to date. You can climb up quite high to the top of the waterfall, and next to it is Horseshoe Falls. And continue your hike towards the peak of Mt Fields.

Tasmania Mt Fields Russell Falls
Russell Falls

Tasmania Mt Field Greenery

Tasmania Mt Fields Horseshoe Falls
Horseshoe Falls

2. Go on a heart-stopping wild ride towards Antarctica.

Okay, so that is a little bit of an exaggeration. Not the heart-stopping bit but the ride towards Antarctica.

They call it a wilderness cruise, but this isn’t what I typically imagine when I think of a “cruise”. Oh no, no easy sailing here! The open-topped boats (nicknamed the 4Wds of the sea!) zip along, riding the rugged waves of the Tasman Sea as you go past dolerite cliffs where seals lounge, watch the Breathing Rock blowhole explode every few seconds, observe the rather eerie looking sea stacks known as The Monument and see the pristine turquoise blue waves crash against sea caves.

I guess I get it now what the brochure meant when it said “experience the awesome power of the mighty Southern Ocean”.

Tasmania Seal colony Bruny Island

Tasmania Sea Stacks Tasman Sea

Tasmania Sky view Tasman Sea

1. Enjoy the most peaceful sleep ever at Pumphouse Point.

Hands down, my favourite accommodation ever. Located out on Australia’s deepest lake, Lake St Clair, Pumphouse Point is just the sort of getaway you want when you’ve been out and about, trekking Tassie’s forests.

Imagine waking up to views of blue skies reflected on the calm sheen of the lake, walking along the gorgeous grounds of the property, a delicious dinner with fantastic Tasmanian wines and really, what more can one ask for?

Champagne, you say? Why yes, upon check-in, you’re offered a glass of bubbly, so tick that box too!

Tasmania Pumphouse Point View Across

Tasmania Pumphouse Point view from front

Tasmania Pumphouse Point jump shot

Well, that’s my quickfire list. I’ve written up the other Tasmanian stories now, so do check them out.

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And if you’d like to share what some of your top memories are, please do leave your comments below too!

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