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Tribal: Let’s Get Communal at Fiery New Modern Asian Restaurant!

Tribal highlights the smoky, sexy allure of wood-fire cooking, using Asian ingredients made into everything from sambals to salsas, glazes to garnishes.

The latest initiative from the Ebb & Flow group (the folks behind the superb Willow and Sommer) launched in January 2024 at the recently-opened Mondrian Singapore Duxton.

By the way, the group is also behind other cool brands such as “hidden” resto The Dragon Chamber, Café Natsu and “heat-at-home” ready-made pizza provider, Casa Vostra, which I adore.

Walking in, you’re embraced immediately by the dark, moody, sexy vibes. Perfect for a date night maybe, but I was there to meet four kick-ass women, instead. Going in numbers makes a lot more sense seeing as how Tribal’s ethos is all about the communal dining, gathering and sharing.

The open kitchen’s counter seats may be the best in the house if you like to get close to the action. Otherwise, options for large groups to partake in the proposed communal style dining are aplenty.

That was our choice as five women on a night out, hungry to check out just how hot Tribal is.

Lots of Sharing and Caring at Tribal!

Flatbread and miso
Tribal Hamachi Crudo

We started with some Flatbread ($14), lashing dollops of the abura miso butter. Along with that, we had the zesty and fresh Hamachi Crudo ($26) with orange ponzu, pickled jicama and ikura which we loved so much, we ordered another two rounds as the night progressed.

Next, the least popular dish on the table, the Hamaguri clams ($28), blue mussels in a fish bone broth. Let’s just say the broth had a rather unique flavour, a little too bitter for us.

In sharp contrast, the Clarence River Prawns ($28), smothered with smoked chicken fat and laksa gremolata, once again, was a dish worthy of a second order at Tribal. Only niceties prevented me from sucking the juice out of the head.

Clams and Mussels
Tribal Prawns

Meanwhile, both the Dry Aged Duck ($36) glazed with sansho honey with a dollop of mountain yam and the Black Cod ($38) marinated with spicy and sweet soy on a bed of pureed potato were polished off relatively quickly.

Tribal Aged Duck
Tribal Black Cod
Kale Salad
Burnt Cabbage

I suppose someone in the group must have thought we needed veggies, hence the Kale Salad with charred nashi pear and the grilled Sugar Loaf Cabbage with jinhua ham appeared on the table. I nibbled enough to know that they were tasty but my eye was on the next dish!          

Tribal Claypot Rice 1
Tribal Rice 3
Tribal Claypot Rice

The Seafood Rice Pot ($68) brought much joy to my carb-loving mouth. One portion was enough to feed the five of us. Cooked for 30 minutes in a cast iron pot, the dish is mixed table-side, and the fried bits of shirasu (whitebait), ikura and chives added lovely pops to the already aromatic nasi ulum-based dish.

Mango, Pineapple, Whisky, anyone?

Desserts at Tribal maintained the asian touch, and I preferred the Mango Bavarois ($18), coconut, pandan, kaffir lime and gula melaka over the Szechuan-glazed Charred Pineapple ($18) and coconut ice cream.

Tribal Mango Bavarois
Pineapple dessert
Highland whisky bundt cake

The whisky-loving ladies were satisfied with the Highland park 12 years Bundt cake ($18) and smoked vanilla ice cream.

Punchy flavours are of prime importance to me when dining out and Tribal meets my requirement quite nicely, indeed. Worth a repeat visit!


Address: 83 Neil Road, #01-07 S089813 (Ground floor of Mondrian Duxton Singapore)

Opening Hours:

Lunch: 3pm – 12pm

Dinner: 6pm – 11pm

Closed on Sundays

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