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Wine & Chef – like your hood’s zi-char (almost)

Wine & Chef at Keong Saik road – another nod to Mod-Sin cuisine, which I welcome wholeheartedly because the supposed stalwarts of Mod-Sin (one in particular, whose latest restaurant Po is really just a great excuse to pay for overpriced local fare) really need to be shown a thing or two about genuine fusion and innovation.

I have already waxed lyrical about Labyrinth, and although I won’t be doing the same for Wine & Chef, I must say I had an enjoyable time here indeed.

At least I didn’t have to pay $28 for popiah. Sorry I just can’t seem to get over that.

At Wine & Chef, don’t expect overly fancy plating or ingredients – the focus really is on amped up flavours of your local zi-char fare.

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Wine & Chef Crab Otah

Take the Crab Otah ($15) for example. It’s actually more like a fluffy crab omelette dotted with chunky pieces of blue swimmer crab meat. You don’t really get the otah flavour (bbq-y and fishy like what you eat with your nasi lemak) but with the big portions and some additional soy sauce on the side, you could almost imagine eating it with some white rice, zi-char style.

Wine & Chef Mussels_Vertical

Wine & Chef Mussels

Now, I really loved the Steamed Black Mussels ($18) with Chinese wine, chilli, lime and chicken broth which came with a mountain of mussels. I don’t know if they used any lemongrass but I could have sworn I tasted the perfumed fragrance of the herb.

Wine & Chef_Beef Short Ribs Foie Gras

Wine & Chef_Beef Short Ribs Foie Gras Top View

We weren’t very hungry so we decided to go for one last dish – but what a dish that was! Classified under the Sharing Plates section, the Angus Beef Short Rib & Foie Gras ($42) was massive. Just one plump piece of caramelized foie gras but a hefty amount of braised short rib.

Taste-wise, the beef was succulent and rich, not completely fork-tender but just right with a little bite. Crunchy burdock rounded off the dish quite well.

Wines start at $6 a glass, and with the tasty fare and reasonable prices, Wine & Chef is a good after-work dinner spot in the CBD!

Wine & Chef:

Address: 7 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089115

Contact: 6221 9279

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat 10am-11pm, Sun 10am-5pm


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