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Yantra’s Fine Dining Indian Food Delivery

Yantra has always been one of my favourite restaurants. Granted, I don’t frequently head out for Indian cuisine, after all, my mom is a super cook (which Indian wouldn’t say their mom’s cooking is the best?) but when I do, I have a few favourites in the Indian fine dining scene in Singapore.

I discovered Yantra over 5 years ago when I was a tasting panellist for Wine & Dine’s Top Restaurant Guide.

I had to surreptitiously assess the restaurant, and suffice to say, it satisfied me enough for me to then make Yantra my go-to for a special Indian meal.

I still remember the wonderful service from the time you step foot into the restaurant to when you leave. A pashmina offered when you felt cold, for example.

Of course, these days, in light of the Covid-19 situation, not only are you unlikely to accept the offer of a pashmina, you can’t even dine in while the Circuit Breaker is in effect.

Even after some services resume, it might be a while before restaurants get back into the full swing and diners dining out again.

Meanwhile, fine dining restaurants have had to jump onto the delivery bandwagon, Yantra being one of them.

I tried a couple of their dishes a few nights’ back and I was particularly impressed with the Gosht (Lamb) Biryani ($32).

Yantra Biryani
Image by @riardsg for Yantra

Anyone who knows anything about biryani would know that this is NOT an easy dish to make. My mom makes a good biryani, and I have seen her prepping and cooking for 4-5 hours to get the dish ready.

This dish, I feel is taken for granted in Singapore, no thanks to the options you find at coffeeshops and hawker centres.

Slapping a leg of chicken and curry on top of coloured rice is NOT biryani. Proper biryani is eaten on its own, maybe with some raita (yoghurt) and that’s it. No curry needed!

So while $32 might sound much more expensive than the cheap stuff you find at coffeeshops, there is a lot of work that goes into it. Plus the portion from Yantra is good for 2 pax.

The rice was perfectly flavoured, and the lamb, tender and delicious.

Yantra Bento Set

I also tried the Non-veg Bento set ($18) which featured some chicken tikka, naan and a really creamy dhal. While the food tasted great, we have to be realistic here. Some dishes are not made to travel longer distances. Such as naan bread. It’s not like it was bad, it’s just that it’s so much better fresh out of the oven!

But… what can you do? We all have to manage our expectations during this Covid-19 period.

That said, the Biryani (or any rice-based dishes, for that matter) is a perfect choice for deliveries. So are curries.

Yantra Iftar Set:

Yantra Iftar Set
Image by @riardsg for Yantra

Just a special note during the Ramadan 2020 period. Yantra is offering two types of Iftar meal ($22 each). The Lamb biryani is the highlight of one of the sets.

If you’re craving for good Indian food delivery in Singapore, Yantra is an option. Place your orders online at https://www.yantra.com.sg/.

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